Subject: Lusa: Lisbon official seeks to 'smooth out' controversy on aid to courts

East Timor: Lisbon official seeks to 'smooth out' controversy on aid to courts

Dili, Aug. 19 (Lusa) - Portugal's state secretary for justice, João Luís da Mota Campos, arrived in the East Timorese capital Tuesday, hoping to iron out mounting criticism from Dili on Lisbon's aid in the judicial field.

"I would like to smooth out any difficulties that have arisen recently in the application of aid protocols", Mota Campos told Lusa.

"The work is being done", he added. "I want to clarify with the Timorese government, in rigourous fashion, what they would like us to do, beyond what is being done".

He stressed that many bilateral programs to help East Timor's fledgling legal and court systems were on track - such as the training of magistrates and the preparation of legislation.

However, there were disagreements, Mota Campos acknowledged, over Lisbon's responsibility in translating the legislation of former occupier Indonesia, some of which is still in use in East Timor, into Portuguese and the local Tetum language.

Senior Timorese officials, including Minister of State Ana Pessoa, have recently blasted Portugal for what they say is Lisbon's failure to translate statutes and legislation, leading at times to "chaos" in the court system.


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