Subject: Media Review 27 August 2003

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From UNMISET on 08/28/2003

Subject: Media Review 27 August 2003

Dili, August 27 2003 Daily Press Review

Religious Celebration at Dili's Cathedral

On Tuesday evening, more than a thousand people attended a mass celebrated at Dili's Cathedral, for the souls of all those who died in the attack against the UN HQ in Baghdad. Besides SRSG Kamalesh Sharma, DSRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa and UN agencies representatives, the religious ceremony was attended by members of the government and by the diplomatic corps. (UNMISET)

Xanana: Media Is Important For Democracy

President Xanana said on Tuesday that media is important for Timor-Leste and democracy. He also said that media also could help in the efforts for reconstruction of Timor-Leste. President Xanana made the opening speech at a one-day conference on "Media Law", organized in Dili by International Asia Foundation. He also launched an appeal for the creation of a "Media Council" in the country. (TP) -END-

Date: 08/28/2003 09:21AM Subject: Radio Headlines

RTL NEWS DATE 26 / 08 / 03

∑Intern economy development is not only responsibility of the Government; it is a responsibility for all the people. President Xanana Gusmao stated these words, when he attended opening ceremony of the 2nd Agriculture Expo in Francisco Borge da Costa park, Motael Dili last Monday.

∑This Monday, National Parliament post-pone to an extraordinary session the discussion about Indonesia Parliament visitation to Timor Leste.

∑Australian Parliament delegation will visit Timor Leste from 3 to 6 September. Said Fretilin Deputy Januario Soares.

∑Australia Government will provide 26 million USD in the next year in order to support the development of National Timorese Police Force.

∑Australia has signed a formal agreement with Indonesia and Timor Leste, to reinforce the cooperation between this 3 countries to combat terrorist.

∑This Monday the New PKF Force Commander in Timor Leste, Lieutenant General Dato Khairuddin met President Xanana.

∑A Delegation, consisting of five (5) members from Health Ministry went to China, last Friday, to attend health training.

∑On Monday it was held a ceremony of rice cut in Hera village (around 30 hectares), Sub-District of Cristo Rei, District of Dili.

∑Dili District Court ordered last Friday to put on Becora prison in temporary custody four Indonesian that tried to enter to Timor Leste without passport.

RTK NEWS DATE 26 / 08 / 03

∑Dili Dioses will held a Mass in memory of Dr. Sergio Vieira de Mello, this Tuesday in Dili Cathedral at 05.00 PM.

∑Division of the Social Services will held a workshop about prostitution, this Wednesday.

∑New traffic laws will be implemented in Timor Leste, stated Minister of Transport and Communication Ovidio de Jesus Amaral.

∑Ex Apostolic Administrator of Dili, Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, requested to Timorese Youth to throw away the Osama Bim Laden T-Shirts.


∑President Xanana Gusmao said that press is the vehicle of democracy in Timor Leste when he attended conference on Media Law in Hotel Timor Dili Tuesday.

∑Law proposal from government about intern security which submitted to National Parliament last July has approved and is waiting for promulgation by President of Timor Leste.

∑Secretary of State of Portugal Justice, Joao Motta Campus, returned to Portugal on Tuesday after having visited Timor Leste during six days.

∑Mario Viegas Carrascalao through his Advocates team took formal process against government to Dili District Court.

∑PNTL in Dili,did not receive statement about vehicle assault in Ainaro District last Saturday.

∑Negotiation between Australia and Timor Leste Government about private property of Timor Sea gas and oil reserves that have value around $AUS 30. Million will held soon.

∑Health Minister of Republic Maldiva, Ahmed Abdullah together with his Vice Director, Ahmed Muso, visited Timor Leste Health Ministry Office, on Tuesday.

∑20 Timorese students will go to Havana, the Capital of Cuba, to study Medicine in several Universities of Cuba.

RTK NEWS DATE 27 / 08 / 03

∑Timor Leste Foreign Affairs Minister, DR. Jose Ramos Horta, and Australia Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, signed the agreement to work together to combat terrorist in this region.

∑President of RDTL, Xanana Gusmao, said that establishing development process within the Nation is not only responsibility of the government but also responsibility by all communities.

∑"Timor Leste has already Association of Journalist, and Syndicate of Journalist, but still needs to establish Council of the press in order to control conflict between social and the public communication",. said President of TL, Xanana Gusmao when he attended on the conference on Media Law in Hotel Timor Dili, on Tuesday.

∑"Four (4) Indonesia Citizens are detained in Becora prison now because they brought illegal materials as they entered Timor Leste.", said Dili District Procurement, Zelia Trindade, to RTK on Tuesday at Dili District Court Office.

∑A married man was detained in Becora prison because he violated sexual harassment on 12-years-twin children.

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