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Subject: Statement to TL DPM from Rede Feto Timor-Leste/ East Timor Women's Network

REDE FETO, Timor-Leste Statement to the Timor-Leste Development Partners Meeting Dili, 3-5 December 2003

As a member of the civil society delegation, representing REDE FETO, the East Timor Women's Network, I congratulate the Government of Timor Leste and the Development Partners for the significant steps in our nation's development during the 18 months since independence. I would also like to share my appreciation to the Development Partners for the support that you have provided to Timor-Leste.

Now, I will share with you our experiences as a member of the Women's Network in Timor-Leste:

We are very aware of the large number of people in Timor-Leste living below the poverty line. As Mr Hasegawa said earlier, we need to work together, with special attention to the vulnerable groups, particularly women and children in our society. In understanding the causes of poverty, we must analyse the situation from a gender perspective. The analysis should not only focus on education and health but be across all sectors. A particular issue that impacts on women's poverty is the patriarchal culture, where often our tradition, makes it difficult for women to break out of the cycle of poverty. We must all work together to promote the positive and equitable aspects of our culture.

REDE FETO respects the rights enshrined within our constitution, particularly the right to equality. REDE FETO has been following the national development planning, policy and budgeting processes. We believe that the Government has the capacity to establish a concrete plan to ensure women's active participation in the fight against poverty and in the steps towards economic growth. We ask that the Development Partners support gender mainstreaming within all development processes. One way that this can be achieved is for the Development Partners to ensure that their technical teams include those experienced in gender mainstreaming.

Finally, to develop all aspects of our nation, REDE FETO hopes that the Government of RDTL will establish a formal mechanism for affirmative action that will guarantee the rights of women and strengthen women's participation in the development of our nation and in combating poverty.

Laura Pina, Rede Feto, Timor-Leste.


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