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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Dec 18, 2003


Martins disappointed with clashes between martial art groups

The PNTL Superintendent, Paulo Fatima Martins, said that he was disappointed with the clashes between two martial art groups [KORKA and PSHT], which occurred on Sunday in Comoro market. Martins said he was sad because innocent people had been victims of this clash. According to the newspaper, PNTL officers are now questioning the two martial art groups. The newspaper says that the police are trying to identify those involved in the clashes in order to take them to court.

Rogerio Lobato not responsible for violence in 1975

During East Timor's Truth and Reconciliation Commission the Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that as a Falintil Operational Commander he has moral responsibilities for the violence but cannot assume responsibilities for the crimes committed individually in 1975. He added that he never gave orders to Falintil to kill their political opponents. Mr Lobato said that people who were killed in '75 during civil war, that was without him knowing and he cannot be accountable for other people's undisciplined actions.

Houses destroyed by thunder in Ainaro

The Sub-District coordinator for the Ainaro District, Jose Mendonca da Silva, said that the last few days heavy rain destroyed two houses in the District of Ainaro, badly injuring a lady and her child. He added that both are hospitalised in the intensive care unit in Maubisse hospital.

Timor Gap employed 500 Filipinos

A Member of the National Parliament from Commission F, Antonio Ximenes, said that according to his information 500 Filipinos, Bangladeshis and Indonesians were recruited to work on the Timor Gap (the paper fails to mentioned where or when they were recruited). Mr Ximenes also said that he wants to know why the 30 East Timorese recruited for training were dismissed.

People of Maubisse awaiting for promised seeds

The District Administrator of Mauibisse, Jose Mendonca da Silva, said that during a workshop in Maubisse the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Estanislau da Silva, promised corn seeds to the population from the Sub-District of Maubisse but failed to deliver them. Mr da Silva said that people from nine villages are still waiting for the promised seeds. In the mean time, farmers in the District of Ainaro and Sub-District of Hatudu have received 10 tons of corn seeds that were delivered by the Head of the Department of Agriculture in the District of Ainaro, Natalia Orleans.

Timor Post

Fretilin and UDT did not want to listen

During East Timor's Truth and Reconciliation Commission public hearing the Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that in 1975 Fretilin and UDT did not want to talk and listen to one another. He added that as a Commander for the Armed Forces at that time he takes all the responsibilities for the Armed Forces actions. Mr Lobato said that he apologises to the victims of families that have suffered for the loss of their loved ones just because of the civil war.

RESPECT to support road repairs

The Secretary of State for Public Works, Joao Alves, said that his department has approached RESPECT seeking financial support to repair the main road that connects Turiscai and Maubisse. He added that the financial support will facilitate transportation for the farmers and coffee growers to be able sell their products elsewhere. Mr Alves also said that people in the District of Ermera will benefit from the TFET and CFET budget allocation programs for FY04. Mr Alves said that some of the money will be allocated to repair bridges in the Sub-District of Iliomar, and the Districts of Lospalos and Viqueque.

Side street vendors banned

The Manager of Markets, Basilio Guterres, said that side street vendors will soon be removed and sent to the nearest market, because the vendor are blocking the footpaths for pedestrians. He added that the vendors on the footpaths are illegally trading their goods.

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