Subject: AAP: E Timor aid projects to struggle after Aust leaves: audit

The Auditor-General Audit Report No.20 2003–04 Performance Audit

Aid to East Timor

Australian Agency for International Development

Australian National Audit Office

Summary and Recommendations



Australian government assistance to East Timor

1. Over the past four years, Australia has provided substantial assistance to the restoration and maintenance of security and the economic and social recovery of East Timor. This assistance has been a significant part of the international response to the destruction of property and the displacement of the East Timorese people after the August 1999 ballot on separation from Indonesia.

2. The main components of Australian government assistance have been security assistance, aid and policing assistance. The aid component, estimated to cost $235 million over the five years 1999–2000 to 2003–04, is managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).

Audit objective

3. The objective of the audit was to assess AusAID’s planning for, and management of, the delivery of aid to East Timor.

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