Subject: Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 03 February 2003

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring

Dili, 04 February 2003

19 Kolimau Members Fled To The Jungle

The local media reported that nineteen members of Kolimau fled to the jungle, through Leimia Kraik (Hatolia District). Major Ular said that he already met with families of the group to persuade the return of the 19 members who fled to the jungle. Major Ular said the Kolimau 2000 is a strong group whose activities are based on the former clandestine activities. The Head of F-FDTL stationed in Hatolia, Ermera District told the media on Monday that residents of that area are too frightened to go to their cornfields due to kidnap threat by the group and their families. Ular said the corn, which is now ready to be harvested, is being destroyed by wild animals. He added that the local people have not rejected the presence of PKF, on the contrary they feel that the UN peace keepers should patrol right into the interior and sub-villages and not the main roads only. (STL, TP)

Superior Council of Judicial Magistrate Established: Vice-Minister Sarmento

Vice-Minister of Justice, Domingos Sarmento announced on Tuesday the establishing of the Superior Council of Judicial Magistrate. The Council is composed by Domingos Barreto (Head of Baucau District Prosecutor), Manuel Abrantes (Vice-Minister of Justice), Cirilio José Cristovão, (Judge Member of Dili District Tribunal) and Maria Natercia Gusmão Pereira (Judge Member Special Panel). Sarmento said the next step would be for the Council to elect the President of the Supreme Tribunal who will also be the President of the Magistrate Supreme Council. The Vice- Minister added that the return of Judge Claudio, (from Portugal) and the most experience of all the Timorese Judges will spend his time between the Appeal Tribunal and transfer of experiences and knowledge and capacity to the younger judges to enable them to perform professionally in future. (STL)

Police Continue Investigation About 4th December

Minister of Internal Administration Rogério Lobato said the police is continuing with the investigation of 4th December incidents. "Quite often when something goes wrong it is our police who gets the blame. I hope that this blame does not only fall on the police of TL," said Lobato. The Minister said TL police is also investigating who fired the shots. Minister Lobato said, "if the investigation reveals that TL police fired the shots than they must be responsible. And the same goes to the UN Police. Lobato added that the pistol allegedly claimed to be involved in the shooting is now in a Darwin laboratory undergoing tests. Lobato added," I would not like the accusations to be constantly on our police." Commissioner Paulo Martins also told the media that he hopes the report would be release soon and he is of the same idea that whoever (TL or UN police) was involved in the shooting must obey the rules of the this country. Meanwhile a group of youth from Suku Santa Cruz have presented a letter of protest to the head of TLPS Paulo Martins against a member of the force named Inacio Amaral who is allegedly involved with the former pro-Indonesia militia group Aitarak, reported "Timor Post". In the letter the youth said that Inacio Amaral was a member of the Indonesia Armed Forces and his spouse, named Fernanda Araujo, also known as Aberta belonged to the group Gadapksi, and that during the popular consultation period both were supporting Aitarak. In the letter, reported TP, the youth said that Aitarak Operation Post was based in the couple house and Amaral stole goods from his neighbor to take with him to West Timor. The youths are reported to be "shock" with Amaral's application to become member of the Rapid Intervention Unit, reported Timor Post. (STL, TP)

197 Cases of Sexual Harassment Reported 2002

On Saturday edition of "Timor Post" the Prime Minister Advisor for Gender, Promotion and Equality, Domingas Fernandez was reported as saying that 95% of Timorese women experienced Sexual Violation. Fernandez made this statement during the opening of the "Stop Sexual Violence Campaign". Referring to this statement the Director of Fokupers, a local women's group, Manuela Leong Pereira said that such claims by Domingas Fernandes is incorrect or unclear. But in the meantime Timor Post confirmed with the Prime Minister Advisors for Gender, Promotion and Equality's office that only 50-57 per cent of East Timorese women suffered sexual harassment and Not 95 per cent as previously claimed. Manuela Pereira said her organisation received 197 cases of sexual harassment in 2002. (TP)

Food Shortages in Beloi, Atauro

The head of Suku Beloi in Atauro, Cesar Aleixo Brandão told the media on Monday that around 1200 people in that area are facing food shortages due to the long dry season. He said due to lack of rain the seed for this year harvest has been affected and there is no food available because the last seeds for cultivation have been consumed. Brandão said the other five districts, which have around 8000, have not been accounted. He said until now there has not been any report of death. (TP)

TP: Editorial on F-FDTL

In its editorial on Tuesday, "Timor Post" stated that in order to take over the responsibilities after May 2004, F-FDTL has to undergo through an "intensive preparation", and that President Xanana Gusmão, as Supreme Commander of the armed forces, has an important role to play in this process. "UNTAET did not do a good preparation of F-DTL during its two-year mandate, which ended with the celebration of independence". The editorial also said that Xanana Gusmão was correct when he said that F-FDTL is still weak in many areas. "FDTL is currently lacking everything (?) after UNMISET is over, what ill it be? We hope UNMISET is preparing the forces so that at the end of the mission FDTL can continue to work!! (TP)

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