Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 05 February 2003

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Dili, 05 February 2003

Sharma And Gusmão Evaluate Border Security

UN representative in Timor-Leste, Kamalesh Sharma on Tuesday held a meeting with President Xanana Gusmão to discuss recent in the country and their developments. The main topic of the discussion was the border security, reported "Timor Post". Sharma said the security is important in the border in order to maintain good relations between Indonesia and TL. After the meeting, the Special Representative told the media that he and the president discussed the result of the National Dialogue held last month and that many people are eager for the result. Sharma added that the presence of international organizations in TL would contribute for the development of the country. Suara Timor Lorosae reported the head of UNMISET Kamalesh Sharma as saying that UNMISET is still responsible for the security in Timor-Leste and he will not remain silent about the incidents of 4th December in Dili and 4th January in Atsabe. (TP, STL)

CPD-RDTL To Protest

The coordinator of CPD-RDTL Antonio Aitahan Matak said that after the National Dialogue held last month the country's problem remains. He told the media on Tuesday that both the Government and UNMISET were not clear in their explanations, which can lead to new demonstration, reported TP. He said UNMISET's response to the conclusion of the National Dialogue was "not positive" and that the Timorese continue to be forced to look after themselves. The response from the government, he added was not positive as well because they "maintain their radical stand that they are the only Fretilin". Aitahan Matak appealed to certain leaders to stop calling his group as "illegal" and compare it to Kolimau 2000. TP also reported that the President of the National Parliament, Francisco "Lu'Olo" Guterres said " the result of the National Dialogue will be released through a letter to be distributed to all the districts and sub-districts as well as all the citizens to be informed about what was discussed. Referring to the possibility of a demonstration organized by CPD-RDTL, Lu'Olo said he doubts that the group has the capacity now to mobilize the people to travel to Dili because they already know what has been discussed, said the newspaper. (TP)

Lobato: Border Police Need Different Weapons (STL)

Minister of Internal Administration Rogerio Tiago Lobato said the police stationed in the border of Indonesia needs different weapons to react to any attack on them, "because former militias in that area are armed with latest model weapons" reported STL. "Without any proper arms one cannot ask the police to work in the border, he added. "As a Minister of Internal Administration my conscience tells me that it is wrong to send police to the border with only pistol as their weapons" said Lobato, who added that the government is now preparing a list of weapons in need to ask for UNMISET's assistance. (STL)

Lu'Olo: Leandro Still Member of National Parliament

Francisco Guterres, the President of National Parliament, said on Tuesday that Leandro Isaac is still a MP, although his party has suspended him. Vice-President of the party and currently the head of the parliament bench, Leandro Isaac was formally suspended of his functions last week, accused of "indisciplinary adherent", reported the Portuguese newsagency Lusa. The decision was made by PSD National Political Commission in a meeting on January 26 in Dili. A press release with only one paragraph was disseminated early this month. Cited by Lusa, Mario Carrascalão, the President of PSD justified the suspension affirming that Leandro Isaac "has ambitions to become president of the party" and has been behaving against the interests of the party. Leandro Isaac told the media on Tuesday that his suspension is against PSD's regulations. He said Mario has never given him an opportunity to defend himself against the accusations, opting instead to go the media. (TP, Lusa)

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