Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring,10 February 2003

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Dili, 10 February 2003

TP, STL: Fretilin Prepared to Govern Over The Next 50 Years

Fretilins's Secretary-General, Mari Alkatiri said on Saturday that his party is the only one which roots come from the people and that there are no Timorese parties with this kind of support. Therefore, aside from adjusting the structure among the grassroots, Fretilin is also getting prepared to govern the country over the next 50 years, not only five, said Alkatiri. Alkatiri spoke to the media at the end of the two day meeting of Fretilin's Central Committee. Meanwhile the government has chosen 65 heads of sub-districts.

STL: Megawati Approved TL Ambassador

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri on Friday received the credentials of TL ambassador to Jakarta Arlindo Marçal. Speaking to the media, the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda said his country will open its embassy in TL this year. (STL, Jakarta Post)

TP:ROCKBATT Assists Oecussi Population, Checks Border Demarcation

The Korean PKF contingent (ROCKBATT) stationed in Suco Bobometa, Oecussi District distributed 67 boxes of clothes and other goods to the people as well as school material like pens and writing books to the students in that area. The material were distributed during a ceremony attended by around 500 people. ROCKBATT also gave medical assistance to the population in Bobometa according to Timor Post. The residents of that area have been reported as saying that "ROCKBATT when it comes to working with the people and attending its needs". The Head of ROCKBATT in Bobometa, Col. Kim Young Deok, traveled to the border with Fiji PKF to explain in detail the demarcation between Indonesia and Timor-Leste. The two PKF then met with the residents of that area inform them about the matter, reported the newspaper. (TP)

STL: Neves; UNTAET To Blame For Mistakes Not Government

The social, political and economy problems faced by Timor-Leste since the country's independence on 20 May 2002 cannot be blamed only on the Government of Fretilin but also on UNTAET, said Aniceto Neves, the head of the Facts Department of the local Human Rights NGO, Yayasan Hak, reported STL on Monday. (STL)

STL: TNI Transferred RP 573 Million to CISPE

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) transferred the amount of RP 573 million from Jakarta to CISPE to repay former Indonesian army officers who deducted their salary for housing scheme while serving in the army during the Indonesia period. According to STL the fund is to pay around 1058 former military through the BNU bank in Dili. (STL)

STL 08/02: Kailako Case, Arrest Indicted via Interpol

The Timor Lest Government has been carrying out "high level diplomatic approaches via the UN" to pressure Indonesia to immediately extradite 32 perpetrators of violence in the Sub District of Kailako, Bobonaro District, reported STL on Saturday. According to the newspaper, the case dossier of the perpetrators who would be now still at large in Indonesia, has been submitted to the Dili District Courts. However, the courts cannot open the case, because the people are living in another country. "There is no other way than to arrest them and extradite them to Timor Leste (TL) to be tried. This can be done via the International Police (Interpol)." Said Sergio de Jesus Hornai, General Coordinator of Public Defenders on Friday cited by STL.

The 32 indicted have been accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity in the area of Kailako between March-April 1999.. To extradite them to TL the government needs to negotiate continuously with the UN so as to pressure Indonesia to extradite, or via the Interpol method. It is said, the government can cooperate with TL Interpol and Indonesia via a mutually beneficial cooperation. And there are still many opportunities for the government to make use of the UN strength so that the criminals can be taken to court in the region of TL because the place of events was in this country. He said, his side does not want to submit the case dossier of the 32 indicted to the court just to chase numbers to show that the attorney generals is working at maximum.

"I do not meant to criticize the Attorney General for serious crimes, but the submission of the indictment should be followed up with the arrest of the indicted.

"I know bringing them needs time however they are in the list the country is searching for thus they should be immediately arrested," he said. Meanwhile the Anmeftil member, Cirilio Jose Cristovão, SH added, it is difficult to arrest the 32 indicted due to a weak MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) that was signed by the Head of the UN Transitional Government (UNTAET), Sergio Vieira de Mello with the former Attorney General RI, Marzuki Darusman a few years ago. Because of this there needs to be political will between the Indonesian and TL governments to jointly push this case to the courts. Because whatever happens we do not want the relationship of the two countries to be disrupted just because of the actions of these 32 people. However for a smooth process there needs to be serious efforts from the TL government in cooperation with UNMISET.

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