Subject: Daily Media Review 14 July 2003


Dili, July 14 2003

Daily Media Review

Armed Group Threatens Residents In Bobonaro

An armed group of former militia has been sighted in Bobonaro District in the last few weeks, reported the media on Monday. Some members of this group have caused problems in the border market of Mojong having injured a member of the BPU. West Timor Deputy Police Commander Semedio Talo told STL that the group might have infiltrated into Timor-Leste. Talo said he had received information from residents in Oeleu (Bobonaro sub-district) that members of the group had threatened to kill a boy if he reported them to the authorities. A man was arrested following the incident at the market but the rest of the group of about 40 people have escaped into the Indonesian territory. PNTL and PKF have since been patrolling the area regularly, writes Suara Timor Lorosae. (STL)

Government To Confiscate All Weapons

The government will confiscate all the weapons currently under the possession of civilians, said Prime Minister Alkatiri during the open governance session with the population of Lautém, on Friday. He stated that only institutions like PNTL and F-FDTL are entitled to have weapons. (TP)

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