Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 14, 2003



July 14, 200


1. The Deputy Commissioner of the Bobonaro's District, Mr Semedio Talo M., on Friday said that the Oeleu's community in the Sub District of Bobonaro had seen unidentified armed groups walked across their villages. Mr Talo said that last week there was a clash between groups identified as former militias and the community live near the border. Mr Talo said that the clash has resulted in one policeman's uniform tore by an arrow shot by unidentified person. And a man was arrested while the others escaped into West Timor. The article said that in order to pursuit the unidentified armed groups the National Police has carried out sweeping operation in close coordination with UN PKF from Australian Battalion in the areas of Oeleu, Saburai, Sasa and Atus in the Sub District of Lolotoe.

2. The UN POL Commissioner, Ms Sandra Presley, held a press conference on Friday to explain the fight among five aldeias in the Leolima's Suco, Sub District of Hato-Udo, District of Ainaro. Ms Presley said that 24 persons have been detained by the local police for questioning. Ms Presley said that the motive of the conflict is under investigation. (The article did not mention when the incident occurred).


1. Former Timor Leste's refugees in South Celebes Province of Indonesia on Friday filed the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Provincial Social Department to be responsible for the kidnapping of the East Timorese children from the "Mujahidin orphanage". The article said that 2 teenagers, Sebastiao Vasco or Fauzan (17 years old) and Celestino Alves or Muhaimin (15 years old) were returned to their home town in Timor-Leste by UNHCR few days ago.

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