Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 15, 2003



July 15, 2003



1. The Speaker of the national Parliament, Mr Francisco Guterres (Lu-Olo), yesterday said that he got information from a credible source which saying that a diabolic teaching is being introduced by a group of foreigners into the community. Mr Lu-Olo has asked the National Police to investigate the case.

2. The Chancellor of Dili University, Dr Lucas da Costa, said that it is better for the National Parliament to conduct a profound review of the Immigration and Asylum Bill in order to avoid further controversy which could be end with national conflict. "I said this, because Timor-Leste has 4 sovereign institutions such as the Government, the National Parliament, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste's President and the Appeals Court. If we see from constitutional perspective, the National Parliament has the right to produce laws. But the Appeals Court ruled the draft of the Immigration and Asylum bill unconstitutional. Therefore the National Parliament should take a close look at the legal aspects not political" said Dr Lucas.

3. Indonesia's Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said that his government is doing all it can to minimize rights violations in Aceh. He said that he understands the concerns of the international community and said that two-month campaign to crush separatists has so far claimed an estimated 150 civilian lives. Mr Wirajuda said that Indonesia is a democratic state and has the necessary mechanisms to ensure that military and police operations keep all excesses to a minimum, including human rights violations. He made the latest statement in an interview with Portugal's Publico daily newspaper.


1. The President of the Veterans' and Ex-Combatants' Commission, Mr Duarte Viana, held a meeting few days ago at the Suco of Waibobo with members of the Veterans' and Ex-Combatants' Association of the Sub-Districts of Ossu, Venilale and Quelicai to disseminate and share information regarding the registration of the former Combatants and Veterans. Mr Viana explained to the participants about his commission's mission. However, during the meeting the Popular Council for the Defense of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (CPD-RDTL) spokesperson, Mr Amaro Bosco, said that they would only complete the questionnaire with a condition that the armed forces' name of Falintil be restored. Mr Bosco said that the CPD-RDTL urged the Government to provide a heroes cemetery for those who lost their lives for the liberation of this country as the main priority. (The CPD-RDTL only recognizes the name of Falintil without the addition of Forcas de Defesa de Timor-Leste or FDTL). In response to the CPD-RDTL objections in registering their names to the commission, Mr Viana said that he will present their objections to the President, the Parliament and the Government.

2. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri on Wednesday said that the elected Chief of Sucos must provide a development plan for their Sucos. Mr Alkatiri said this during a meeting with the community of Iliomar Sub District.

3. The government will confiscate all the weapons currently under the possession of civilians, said Prime Minister Alkatiri during the open governance session with the population of Lautém, on Friday. He stated that only institutions like PNTL and F-FDTL are entitled to have weapons

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