Subject: Daily Media Review 18 July


Dili, July 18 2003

Daily Media Review

EU Will Continue to Assist Timor-Leste

The Chairman of the European Union Commission on Development and Cooperation Joaquim Miranda, addressed the Timorese Parliament on Thursday and stressed that the European Union will continue to cooperate with Timor-Leste in all sectors. Miranda said the first steps of this cooperation process should focus on development and human resources, seen as these are the crucial sectors at present. STL reported that the visit of Joaquim Miranda to Timor-Leste was at the invitation of the Speaker of the Parliament Francisco Guterres. (STL)

Data of 312 People Involved in Serious Crimes Have Been Collected

Maria Natércia Gusmão, Serious Crime Unit Prosecutor said on Thursday that based on the investigation carried out in the 13 districts since 2000, Serious Crime Unit has collected 312 cases. Fifty-eight cases have been processed and those responsible charged with eight cases withdrawn due to its invalidity. Ten cases relate to house arrest charges and are still awaiting the court's decision. The Timorese prosecutor added that of the 312 accused, some are serving their sentences in prison and some are still free in Indonesia. (STL)

MP Fernandes: UNMISET Mandate Should Be Extended

President of Commission B of the National Parliament, Jose Manuel Fernandes, told Timor Post on Thursday that UNIMISET mandate should be extended "because the security situation in Timor-Leste is till shaky". Fernandes said that for development and progress require a calm and peaceful environment. His statement followed the proposal of Foreign Affairs Minister José Ramos-Horta to the Australian government and UNMISET to extend its mission due to the security instability. He added that Horta's argument was "fundamental" and that the extension of UNMISET is "vital". (TP)

São Tomé e Principe: TL Willing to Mediate

Timor-Leste is prepared to be the mediator in the military political crisis in Sao Tome e Principe, the head of the Timorese diplomacy told the media on Thursday in Coimbra, (Portugal) before entering a meeting of CPLP (Communities of Portuguese Speaking Nations) in the Portuguese city. Ramos-Horta added that the proposal would be presented at the CPLP Council of Foreign Affairs Ministers. "CPLP must do something and Timor-Leste, as our Prime Minister had announced, is ready to mediate", said Ramos-Horta. (Lusa, STL)

Bishop Belo Recovering in Baucau Hospital

Dom Ximenes Belo underwent a goiter operation in Baucau hospital on Thursday "without any problems," confirmed Bishop Basilio do Nascimento to the media He added that apart from goiter Ximenes Belo had also problems related to prostate. (TP)

TL Close to Returning to Civil Administration

Australia's Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade says Timor-Leste looks ready to return to civil administration by April next year. The defence subcommittee has visited Timor-Leste to assess its progress and meet with Australian defence personnel who are helping to rebuild the country. The subcommittee's Chair, Bruce Scott, said the United Nations military presence in East Timor is gradually being reduced. "Particularly on the borders where there are crossing points between East and West, it is those regions where we are drawing down, removing the evidence on military presence the towers, the buildings the barb wire, so it is really a demilitarization of the area," he said. (ABC)

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