Subject: Daily Media Review 21 July 2003


Dili, July 21 2003

Daily Media Review


Government Failed to Evict Mario Carrascal„o

The Government failed to evict Mario Viegas Carrascal„o from his house in Farol on Friday, reported Timor Post on its front page on Saturday. According to TP the Department of Justice claims that Carrascal„o failed to submit requested documents within a period of time as specified by the government to remain in the house identified as belonging to the State. According to the media a temporary agreement was reached by telephone between Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento and Carrascal„o to remain in the house. Meanwhile Carrascal„o said that he submitted a letter with four proposals to the government but had not received a reply and instead was faced with the eviction. He said he would take the matter to the court and will obey whatever the court rules. (TP, TVTL, Lusa)

A Gun and Ammunition Found in Dili

Residents living nearby the "Democracy Field" in Dili reported that they found a gun and two boxes containing 200 ammunitions near their houses. According to a local resident a youth was seen in the area handling the weapons. Police's Superintendent Paulo de Fatima Martins has confirmed that these items are now under police custody. (STL)

New F-FDTL Cadets Sworn In On Saturday

One hundred and four F-FDTL members were sworn in last Saturday in Dili, in a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Alkatiri and members of the government and the diplomatic corps. Half of the F-FDTL members were graduated to higher positions after completed training in the Armed Forces training headquarters in Metinaro as well as in Australia. Addressing the event Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri affirmed that F-FDTL has the ability and is ready to respond to any external or internal threats aimed to disintegrate the country. (STL, TVTL)

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