Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 22, 2003



July 22, 2003


The President of the Social Democratic Party, Mr Mario Viegas Carrascalao, yesterday said that he would leave Timor-Leste if the Government evicted him from his home. "I will leave Timor-Leste if the Government evict me, I don't have money to build a new house. For me it doesn't a matter to live in Timor-Leste or abroad, but what I am thinking is about the ordinary people if they are evicted where do they go?" said Mr Carrascalao. Mr Carrascalao said that he will abide by the Court's decision regarding the status of the house he is living in ? ie whether it belongs to the State or is a private home.

The General Manager of the Micro Finance Institute of East Timor, Mr Sergio M. do Espirito Santo, yesterday told STL that from May 13, 2002 until June 30, 2003 his Institution had disbursed US$ 747,195 through its branch offices in Dili, Gleno (Ermera) and Maliana. Recipients totalled 3,375. "The total outstanding credits are US$ 424,669.16 for 1,789 creditors. There are varieties of credit which include Market Vendor Daily Loan which totals US$ 179,390, the Micro Finace Group Loans US$ 144, 136, Seasonal Crop Loans US$ 80,300, Other Business US$ 37, 100, Payroll Loans US$ 282,490 and Employed East Timor Staff Loans US$ 23,780. Mr Espirito Santo said that the Micro Finance Institute also receive deposits from Dili Branch which totals US$ 772,970.10 with 2,470 depositors, Gleno received US$ 44,543.98 with 1,032 depositors and Maliana the amount of deposit was US$ 139,656.68 with 515 depositors.

During his visit to Portugal to attend the Community of the Portuguese Spoken Countries Ministerial Meeting, Timor-Leste's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Jose Ramos Horta, had the opportunity to meet with Timorese students in Coimbra-Portugal. During the meeting the President of the Timorese University Students of Coimbra conveyed his concern about the need for a permanent office for their organization in Coimbra. Dr Horta said that he will convey their concerns to the President of the Municipality of Coimbra.


The spokesperson for the Democratic Party, Mr Rui Menezes, yesterday said that the Appeals Court decision to adopt Portuguese Law is not relevant to Timor-Leste's current situation. Mr Menezes said that the decision could lead to violence.

A member of the National Parliament from Fretilin, Mr Antonio Cardoso, yesterday urged the Government to set up a regulation governing employment conditions/rights for the Government's civil servants urgently. Mr Cardoso made this request after noticing that many of the civil servants try to leave their post by applying for higher vacant position within the Government.

Timor Post and STL both sought opinions from a range of personalities regarding Mr Mario Carrascalao's case.

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