Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 24, 2003



July 24, 2003

STL The Community Empowerment Project yesterday held a meeting with the community of Don Aleixo's Sub District with the topic "My voice with people voice for the development of the future" in Comoro-Dili. "The objective of the meeting was to follow up proposals submitted by each Suco" said the CEP's facilitator Tadio Francisco. Mr Francisco said that there are 10 Sucos in the Sub District of Don Aleixo and 7 Sucos' proposals will be followed up for fiscal year 2003/2004. Mr Francisco said that projects chosen by the community center on Women's Skill Training, Water and Sanitation, and Drainage System.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Jose Ramos Horta, was appointed the Peace Envoy for the Community of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPSC) to Guinea Bissau. The CPSC took the decision during their annual ministerial meeting on July 17-18, 2003 in Coimbra ? Portugal.

Automatic guns were found in the Democracy Stadium in Dili few days ago (the article did not mention who found them or when exactly). The article said that the arrested man, who has the initials MD had confessed that he took 2 automatic guns from the City Café storage. He had planned to steal goods from the storage but upon finding the guns, he decided to hand them in to police. However, on his way to the police, someone reprimanded him for carrying weapons in the street. He felt discouraged to go to the police and so threw the guns into the stadium.

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