Subject: Daily Media Review 30 July 2003


Dili, July 30 2003

Daily Media Review

CPD-RDTL Members Arrested By Police

Twelve alleged members of CPF-RDTL have been detained by police for attacking residents in the villages of Fatumea and Fohoren on July 1st. The Deputy of Covalima Police Station, Patricio de Jesus told the media on Tuesday that, according to repots, they used bows and arrows, stones and sling shots to attack people who had reportedly hoisted the national flag. (STL)

National Parliament Discusses the Extension of UNMISET Mandate

Some members of the National Parliament welcomed the meeting between President Xanana and the President of UN General Assembly Jan Kavan on Monday about the possible extension of UNMISET's mandate. Joe Gonçalves (PSD), Eusebio Guterres (PD) and Jacob Fernandes (Fretilin) reacted positively to the proposal. It is reported that Members of Parliament would like UNMISET to review its role if its mandate is to be extended in order to allow a definite independence for the government to manage its own administrative issues and solve the problems it is currently facing. It is also reported that if UNMISET's mandate is extended, there should be a regulation ensuring that the Mission observes local culture. Joe Gonçalves (PSD) said the extension is important because of the fragile state of Timor-Leste's administration and economy. Fernandes (Fretilin) said the extension of the Mission is positive because it will consolidate the strength of this country when it finally withdraws from Timor-Leste. (TP)

Alkatiri: Fretilin Members Not Entitled to Live in State Houses

Speaking at the 'open governance' meeting in the Oecussi enclave on Tuesday, Prime-Minister Alkatiri stressed that the Law applies to all citizens. Alkatiri was referring to the eviction of PSD leader Mario Carrascalão from the house identified as state property. He said many people, including members of Fretilin, had turned up during Carrascalão eviction to show solidarity because many of them are living in state houses and are scared that they will face the same fate. Timor Post reported that Prime-Minister told people during the same meeting that riots like the December 4 2002 will not occur again. He warned people to be careful if they intended to hold similar protests. (TP)

Pledging Continued Aid, UN Leader Hails Dili's Achievements

The president of the UN General Assembly, Jan Kavan, has praised the progress achieved by East Timor since its independence 14 months ago and promised continued international support for the world's newest nation. Recognizing the "formidable obstacles" still facing Dili, Kavan told the East Timorese legislature Monday the country could count on international backing in dealing with its "most critical" problems. The former Czech foreign minister called specific attention to UN aid in helping Dili build its judicial system and police forces. "I strongly believe that the international community will continue to back its new member", Kavan told the lawmakers on the second day of a four-day visit, describing East Timor as a "model of what can be achieved" in a post-conflict scenario. Kavan, who ends his trip Wednesday, has held separate meetings with President Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and Parliament Speaker Francisco Guterres. (Lusa, STL)

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