Early July 2003 

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Late July 

July 5 -12
Gusmao pays two brave priests a timely visit (also on immigration bill)
President Gusmão says he could veto immigration bill

Timor's FM calls for tighter CPLP cooperation
Portugal, Indonesia bid to warm relations after E. Timor wrangle
US. Sen Chafee (R-RI) Writes Powell on Justice for Timor
Send diplomacy along with force, JRH

Fight world poverty to end terrorism, says UN rep
East Timor's New Sheriff [UN's Sandra Peisley]
Claim UN officers customers in East Timor sex slave brothels
East Timor disputes Australian travel warning
Phillips Under Fire from Environmental Groups

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Local Media Monitoring - July 7
Daily Media Review 7 July

July 1 - 7
UN police fighting sex trafficking in East Timor
UN probes flesh trade in East Timor
UN ship 'carried child prostitutes'

Amnesty faults E. Timor police force for detentions, beatings
Training of local police a priority for UNPOL
Secret Agent Plan

E Timor ire over US travel warning
Nobel laureate Belo say US travel warning bad for investment, tourism

Fortune- Conoco Timor
Hundreds refuse to return to E. Timor; Stage Sulawesi rally
PM slams branding of immigration bill as 'unconstitutional'
IOC recognises East Timor
East Timor pays price for freedom

Amb. washes hands of Scot's East Timor death (Balibo)

Local Media Monitoring - July 4, 2003
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Local Media Monitoring - June 2
Local Media Monitoring - July 1
Local Media Monitoring - June 30
Daily Media Review 30 June

Late July
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