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Dili, June 2, 2003

TL in Conference on Terrorism in Singapore Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Ramos Horta left for Singapore on Friday to attend a conference on defense and security. Interrogated about Timor-Leste’s position in the conference, Horta said that TL is ready to work alongside the big countries to counter terrorism. Timor-Leste is going to ask for Australia and USA’s assistance to help develop a national intelligence unit to fight terrorism. He mentioned that since the Indonesian’s Defence Minister was also attending the conference, he (Horta) would try to discuss with him informally on a better solution for the border question between the two countries. The issue will be discussed officially in June, when members of TL governments visit Indonesia. In another development, STL reported that the population of Timor-Leste living near the Indonesian border urged that Prime Minister Alkatiri to hold a dialogue with the governor of West Timor, to discuss the various problems in the border. Residents living in the border of Mota-Ain, on Saturday, made the request, added the newspaper. PM Mari Alkatiri in schedule to officially visit Jakarta and then Kupang next week. ((TP, STL)

Alkatiri Says Sentence on “Wong Case” is Incorrect

“The sentence does not make sense. It’s not because I’m the Prime Minister but as a citizen, I have the right to be heard by the judges because my name is involved in the sentence,” said Alkatiri, commenting the sentence on “Wong Case”. He said the decision in favor of Wong’s Metal Enterprise did not take in account hear his side of the story and did not know the sentenced been given. He added the case would be taken to the Court of Appeal and to the Council of Superior Magistrates for disciplinary action against the judges (TP)

UNFPA Donated Motorbikes To PNTL

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) donated on Friday 26 motorbikes to the PNTL’s Vulnerable People’s Unit. Speaking at the hand over ceremony Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato said the donation to the VPU, would be really helpful as domestic violence has become part of the Timorese culture in the use of physical force to solve problems domestically and in the society. He said according to a weekly report on crimes, 40% are domestic violence and he added that it is unacceptable because it is a violation against human rights. (TP)

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