Subject: Daily Media Review 18 June


Dili, June 18, 2003

Daily Media Review

Ramos-Horta Participated in The ASEAN Meeting

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Ramos Horta is participating in the 36th ASEAN Ministerial meeting in Cambodia. It is reported that the minister is scheduled to meet with members of ASEAN and non-ASEAN member's representatives. Last Friday, Ramos-Horta said in Singapore that Timor-Leste is tying to become a member of ASEAN in the coming years as there are other responsibilities and financial implications in order to become member. He added that in the meantime the priority for Timor-Leste is to start establishing good relations with the neighboring countries. The Internal General and Director of the Regional Affairs, Roberto Soares accompanied Horta on this trip. (TP)

Lere Will Resign If Veterans Issue is Not Addressed

F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Lere Anan Timor, said on Tuesday that the government must do something to solve the problem of former Falintil combatants and veterans. "If nothing is done by 2004, then I will resign and join those who for 24 years have suffered together with me and President Gusmão because I do not have the means to help them," said Anan Timor adding that he hopes that with such declaration it will call the attention of the government for this matter. (STL)

Gusmão: Debt Relief to Jakarta Would Aid Democracy

President Xanana Gusmão has said that the international community should grant debt relief to Indonesia, as "poverty causes intolerance". "The Jakarta government wants to consolidate the democratic process, but remains weak due to enormous pressures caused by its foreign debt", Gusmão said Monday at a session in the Portuguese Parliament, where he received the Council of Europe`s North-South Prize. Gusmão said he closely monitored Indonesia`s difficulties in widening its democracy and Jakarta's enforced slashing of social spending "has caused huge social unrest". He added. "The North should make the brave choice of writing off the debt, or else we will see how poverty leads to war and intolerance", the Timorese leader said. (Lusa)

Timor-Leste Open For Business

Timor-Leste is open for business and has been aiming to attract foreign investment in agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, tourism and the petroleum support industry as it struggles to achieve financial independence, Timor-Leste's Secretary of Statry for Investment Jose Teixeira said. Teixeira said the nation has just developed its first business and investment laws. "We believe we are now in the position and will be in the next couple of months to launch a very business-friendly package of laws," Teixeira told the Soutn East Asia Australia Offshore Conference (SEAAOC). "In relation to the law in investment, Timor-Leste will have a transparent regime for attracting and licensing foreign investment which will be non-discriminatory and apply the modern universal guarantees sough by investors," said Teixeira. He added that Timor-Leste would install an investor-friendly tax regime, and also establish a one-stop shop for investors, including information and support services. (STL)

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