Subject: Local Media Monitoring - June 20, 2003



June 20, 2003


1. President Xanana Gusmao has commented on Col Lere's threatened resignation by saying that he is confident that Col Lere would not resign from his military post. President Gusmao reiterated that the existing Commission for Veterans and former Combatants is not aimed at solving the problems. President Gusmao said that the Commission's function is to identify and register Veterans and Ex-Combatants. He said the Commission would then give this file to the Government and the Parliament. President Gusmao added "it is too complicated to reward veterans and Ex-Combatants. For those who still alive maybe we could reward them by given them a job, but what about those who are already dead ?".

2. The Speaker of the National Parliament, Mr Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, said that Col Lere's threaten to resign from Falintil-FDTL is not the best solution to the Veterans and Ex-Combatants issues. Mr Lu-Olo cited the establishment of the Veterans and Ex-Combatants' Commission and the establishment of a Parliamentary Bill to undertake and overcome the issue.

3. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Kofi Annan has told President of RDTL, Mr Xanana Gusmao, that Timor-Leste should make good use of the UNMISET presence in Timor-Leste. President Gusmao told the media this on Thursday on his arrival at Nicolau Lobato International Airport.

4. The Indonesian Representative for the Mission in Timor-Leste, Mr Fauzi Bustami, raised objections about Col Lere Anan Timor's comments in local newspaper regarding martial art groups' fighting. Mr Lere was reported as saying the Indonesian mentality is one of violence, is undisciplined, and cannot keep promises.


1. President Xanana Gusmao said that the assistance fund of US $4m donated by the Government of Japan is not aimed at assisting the Veterans and Ex-Combatants only. He said it will also assist other vulnerable groups, in particular widows. President Gusmao said that he believes that Col Lere will not resign from the military.

2. The Commander of the National Police, Mr Paulo de Fatima Martins, said that the mastermind of the martial arts incident on Saturday in Colmera has been arrested. Timor Post said that Mr Martins did not mention the person's name or which group he was affiliated.

3. Timor Post has sought opinions on Col Lere Anan Timor's threat to resign from a range of people including independent observer, Julio Tomas Pinto and the Secretary General of the Democratic Party, Mr Mariano Sabino Lopes.

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