Subject: Local Media Monitoring - June 24, 2003



June 24, 200


1. The Commander of the Falintil FDTL, Gen Taur Matan Ruak, said that the Falintil-FDTL has no competence to analyze and understand the Government's budget. He said that it is others institutions' competence. Gen Ruak spoke to reporters yesterday in response to Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri's comments that it is important for the National Security Institution to analyze and understand the budget and expenditure which the government had prepared for the Defense Force.

2. STL has sought opinions on Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri's comments on Falintil-FDTL to analyze and understand Government's Budget from a range of people including Mrs Maria Paixao, a Parliamentarian member from the Social Democratic Party and Rui Menezes, a member of the Parliament from the Democratic Party, their comments were in line with Gen Taur Matan ruak's comments .

3. An Australian police officer will head the United Nations civilian policeforce in Timor-Leste, the federal government announced on Saturday. Sandra Peisley will replace Canadian Peter Miller as police commissioner this month. Her duties are to provide interim law enforcement and public security in East Timor and to assist at development of a professional East Timorese police service. " Peisley is a senior Australian police officer with a strong history of achievement in policing and strategic leadership with the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth's Protective Security Coordination Centre," the government said in a statement. Peisley has served with the United Nations in Cyprus. The new UNPOL commander arrived in Dili on Monday.


1. The Commander of Falintil-FDTL, Gen Taur Matan Ruak said yesterday that he had not yet talked or received a letter regarding the Chief of Staff, Col Lere Anan Timor's resignation.

2. The Chief of Staff of the Falintil-FDTL, Col Lere Anan Timor said that he loves his nation and trusts his superiors. Mr Lere said that his reactions were not intended to oppose the Government nor his superiors. However, he was concerned in particular about his fellow Falintil Combatants' living conditions.

3. The Vice President of the KOTA (Klibur Oan Timur Aswa'ain) Party, Mr Clementino dos Reis Amaral, said yesterday that the Government only explained verbally to the Parliament about the budget execution. The Government did not provide any record of it. Mr Amaral said that it sets a bad precedence, the possibility of creating corruption, collusion and nepotism for this country in the future.

4. Timor Post did not carry a story about the UNMISET and UNPOL press conference regarding martial art groups fighting. It does however, feature a big picture of Marcia Poole, the UNMISET spokeperson, the UNPOL Dili District's Commissioner from Portugal, Elias L. da Silva.

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