Subject: Local Media Monitoring - June 26, 2003



June 26, 2003


1. President Xanana Gusmao asked the Commander of the National Police, Mr Paulo de Fatima Martins, to enforce the National Police members' mentality and discipline. The President said that some of the National Police staff often take brutal actions against the community. President Gusmao yesterday called Mr Martins to his office to convey his concerns regarding the involvement of some National Police members in the recent fighting amongst martial arts groups.

2. A group of 10 persons from a former clandestine movement of the Lospalos District came to the Parliament on Tuesday to protest against the recruitment process in the Timor Leste National Police. One of the protestors said "we are all disappointed with the recruitment process conducted by the National Police. There was a huge discrimination in the recruitment process".

3. The Commander of the National Police, Mr Paulo de Fatima Martins, on Tuesday said that his institution has identified police staff involved in the fighting amongst martial arts groups. Mr Martins added that he had taken measures against those involved by suspending them from their jobs and those armed will be disarmed.


1. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said yesterday in the Parliament that the Government would consider the recommendations of the Commission of Economy and Finance of the National Parliament. The Commission yesterday delivered its report of 20 pages regarding the National Budget for the fiscal year of 2003-2004. (The article did not mention the Commission's recommendations in detail).

2. Opposition Parties in the National Parliament yesterday urged the Government to prioritize the Agriculture sector for the fiscal year 2003-2004. Mr Rui Menezes from Democratic Party said that there were no substantial differences between the last fiscal (2002-2003) budget and the current fiscal year budget. Mr Menezes said that fixed expenditure still got a higher portion than capital expenditure.

3. Timor Post reported the message conveyed by the RDTL President to the Commander of the National Police regarding the President's concern about the involvement of the National Police members in the fighting amongst martial arts groups as reported in STL.

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