Subject: XG: Xanana's Statement on Iraq Crisis

Presidente da República

Statement on the Iraqi Crisis

As a people who have come out of war and who is familiar with the most serious consequences of conflict;

Having experienced a long hard process of isolation, where hope completely rested in the courageous change in the decision-making by the United Nations itself;

Profoundly regretting that avenues for a peaceful solution for the Iraqi crisis have seemingly reached a dead end.

Extremely concerned with the consequences that war can produce in loss of lives and the physical and psychological destruction;

We continue to urge the international community not to spare any efforts in the sense of minimizing the social, psychological and economical impact the military intervention will have on the Iraqi people;

The People of Timor-Leste are a peace-loving People who advocate dialogue as a means of resolving disputes, which is so needed in today’s troubled world;

Respect for International Law is paramount in order to seek multilateral actions in the battle against terrorism, trafficking of arms, drugs and people smuggling;

The greatest detriment to humanity are poverty, disease and ignorance and a concerted effort by rich countries and poor countries is indispensable in order to achieve harmony and social justice, where ethnic groups and religions co-exist for a better World.

Palace of the Ashes, 20th March, 2003

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

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