March 2003 

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Dili demonstrates against war in Iraq.   

Support ETAN: Message from Howard Zinn

Letter on proposed RDTL immigration law (Charles Scheiner)

ETAN: Recommendations for U.S. Delegation to UN Commission on Human Rights, 59th Session

Response to Inquiries on NY Times Op-ed "War for Peace?"

HAK: Open Letter to UN

24 Reports from East Timor (and Indonesia) Curt Gabrielson spent two years in East Timor working on science education, as well as observing various aspects of East Timor's reconstruction. Here are links to each of his 24 monthly newsletters.

ETAN: UN Must Back Prosecution of Indonesian Officers; International Action Needed After Indonesia Snubs Extradition of Suspects to East Timor
ETAN: Response to Inquiries on NY Times Op-ed "War for Peace?"
Organizations Worldwide Urge Indonesian Action to Reunite East Timorese Children with Their Families
LH: East Timorese People Demonstrate Against Impending War in Iraq
East Timorese Anti-War Poem
ETAN:U.S. Rights Group Demands that Australian Government Stop Bullying East Timor 

ETAN: Winter 2002-2003 Estafeta

LH, et al: Report from one-day seminar on East Timor Joining the International Financial Institutions (PDF)

Early March

March 25 - 31

Gulf War Responses

East Timorese Demonstrate Against Impending War in Iraq 
Statement to Security Council on Iraq
East Timor's Government Position on the Invasion of Iraq

Xanana's Statement on Iraq Crisis
Response to Inquiries on NY Times Op-ed "War for Peace?"
Ramos Horta preferred longer for the inspectors
Dili's leaders 'shocked' by war against Iraq
Letter to JRH from Tom Gallagher
East Timor, Iraq and Ramos Horta- the failures of the diplomatic memory

E. Timor Border Patrol To Replace Intl Peacekeepers
Jakarta and UN peacekeeping force agree to boost border security
Victoria Delivers Building Code for ET
Reconciliation Commission underway
Foreign minister on official visit to Portugal next week
USGOV- U.S. Interests and Policy Priorities in Southeast Asia

President urges Australia to allow refugees to stay
E. Timor leader urges Australia to allow asylum seekers to stay
NTGOV- Rally in support of East Timorese asylum seekers

Aussie kids embrace Timor mates
Timorese Asylum Seekers - Ten Years On
Strengthening Democracy (Democratic Party of East Timor)

Timor Sea Deals

Timor treaty near end
Santos and Woodside join forces
Energy deal will fuel East Timor's growth
Australia and East Timor squabble over oil

Australia promised secret aid to seal Timor gas deal
How they fooled us on East Timor
Canberra slammed for 'bullying' Timor
Web shows gas deal transcript
Goodbye basket case, hello oil
Timor project go-ahead
Offshore Jurisdiction of the Timor Lest in the Timor Sea

Gas deal widens gap in Australian-E. Timor relations
Aussie Resources Minister Says Time for Oil Co.s to Deliver
Oil and Gas Fields in the Timor Treaty Area [3 reports]

East Timor bows to PM on gas
Who's the bully

Hansard: Australian House Debate on Timor Sea Treaty (PDF)*
Hansard: Australian Senate Debate on Timor Sea Treaty (PDF)*

*outside link

East Timor's Dire Straits (cartoon)

March 14 - 24

Ramos-Horta at Human Rights Commission
Slow Road to Justice
Security to be tightened along East Timor border
Salesian Bulletin- Kiwanis Dairy Project

East Timor- Freedom's Disappointments
Indonesia's disgraced military seeks powers
Six pro-Jakarta militiamen arrested
Indonesian military told to shoot armed militia infiltrators

Australian veterans link Timor probe to Iraq
Government defends restrictions on foreigners

Serious Crimes Unit Indicts Wiranto, et al

Former Indonesian military commander Wiranto speaks to parliament in Jakarta, March 5, 2003. REUTERS/Suryawan 


Nat'l Alliance for International Tribunal Letter UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
East Timor Indictments - A chance to save reform

HAK: Open Letter to UN
Rights Group Calls for Tribunal to Try Indonesia's Accused
Don't Scratch a Back that isn't Itching
Not many choices left for Wiranto over indictment- Munir
'World has no trust in Indon rights trials'- Komnas HAM
Wiranto's war crimes indictment
Gen. Wiranto's Future Political Career 

Timor says relations with Indonesia more important then justice
Rights group urges US, UN action over Indonesia's 1999 atrocities

ETAN: UN Must Back Prosecution of Indonesian Officers; International Action Needed After Indonesia Snubs Extradition of Suspects to East Timor
SCU: Info Release on Crimes Against Humanity Charges
SCU: 3 New indictments filed at Dili Court
Serious Crimes Unit Update 21 February 2003

E.Timor File More Human Rights Charges Over '99 Atrocities
E. Timor denies indicting RI generals
Dili worried indictments damaging key relations with Jakarta
Wiranto defiant as ET presses charges
No more safe haven for Wiranto
Indonesian politicians react to UN move to indict senior military
Indonesia Ex-Military Chief Denies E Timor Abuse Charges
UN Indictments Of Ex-Officials
UN indicts General Wiranto for crimes against humanity

Text of SCU indictment of Wiranto, et al*
HRW: Indonesia Should Hand Over the "East Timor 8"*
APCET: East Timor Indictments Need International Support

* Open in new window

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (March)

Habibie - Govt Never Sanctioned Timor Violence
Ex-leader testifies on E Timor
The ebb and flow of human rights enforcement
Appeals over acquitted Timor suspects to be filed next month

Former military chief in East Timor gets five years
US Warns Jakarta on Human Rights [Interview w Amb. Boyce]
Indonesian officer says he tried to prevent East Timor massacres
Noted Indonesian religious leaders call for cessation of Timor trials
E. Timor independence option was 'premature decision'- Ali Alatas

Wiranto Testifies Over Timor Atrocities
Rights groups to ask for UN intervention in E. Timor trial
10 years' jail sought for former Timor commander
Wiranto no show as witness
Indonesia human rights tribunal fails to uphold justice
Crowd blamed for church attack
E. Timor clergyman says soldiers among 1999 church attackers
Ex-Dili Police Chief Gets 3 Years Jail for Timor Violence

ETAN: Timor Commemorates Invasion Anniversary as Indonesian Court Acquits Officials 
ETAN: Indonesian Verdicts Cannot Deliver Justice for East Timor
ET National Alliance for Int'l Tribunal: Indonesian Ad Hoc Human Rights Court Proven Not Able To Fulfill International Demands

see February, January, December updates

Vietnam willing to co-operate with East Timor- PM
Letter Regarding "The case for going to war"
Security issues dominate RI, Australia ties [+Collision course?]
Ruling party sets sights on anti-corruption law package
Come And Invest In Timor Leste, Says Gusmao
Vulnerable East Timor must take its first steps alone

New Web Links (open in new window)

Situation of human rights in Timor-Leste - Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN: Recent Violence, Rise in Armed Groups Threaten Success in Timor-Leste, Peacekeeping Under-Secretary-general Tells Security Council
Statements by Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, U.S.,  
UN: Special report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor

UN General Assembly: Provision of well-equipped, trained and disciplined personnel responsibility of all member states, peacekeeping committee told 

ABC: Kalgoorlie to East Timor - See and hear the village of Fahilebo, East Timor
Wonder Eyes Photos by East Timorese Children

ADB: Fifth Progress Report on East Timor
UNESCAP Completes Natural and Mineral Resources Survey in East Timor

NDI: Government Within Reach - A report on the views of East Timorese on local government
English Tetum Portuguese Indonesian (PDF files)

HRW World Report 2003: East Timor; Indonesia
news/WORTHY: How the Australian media cover humanitarian, aid and development issues (pages 146-159 cover East Timor, the period examined is September 1999 and November 1999 to April 2000) Large PDF file
WSWS: Australia bullies East Timor over oil and gas

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch
Winter 2002-2003 Estafeta online

Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video

Early March
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