Subject: Local Media Monitoring - April 28, 2003




1. The lead story: Speaking at the East Timor Youth Easter Jubilee in Uatu-Lari Sub-District, President Xanana Gusmao said that " to be a leader is to serve". President Xanana reiterated that Timor-Leste's Constitution already emphasized the need for leading by example.

2. Speaking at the East Timor Youth Easter Jubilee in Viqueque, Vice President of the Parliament, Jacob Fernandes, has said that the power is in the hands of the people in a democracy. He said there are two types of democracy - "indirect democracy" and "direct democracy". He said indirect democracy was when community aspirations were channelled through their Parliamentary representatives. (The story does not explain his view of what "direct democracy".) He also read a speech to the group from the President of the Parliament, Lu-olo.

3. The National Centre for Scientific Investigation held a workshop on Saturday at the National University auditorium to present research papers about sustainable development for Timor-Leste. Key topics included economic growth and environmental protection. The workshop was co-hosted by Oxfam International.

4. According to the Assistant to the Director General of the Department of Education, Culture and Youth Affairs, Evaristo Maria de Jesus, the Department is seeking to recruit 620 more teachers in 2003 to address the current shortage. He has advised those teachers who are still awaiting a response from the Department to wait patiently.

5. East Timor Journalist's Association, called Sindikat Jurnalis and headed by Otelio Ote, has announced that they will be holding a mini-congress to establish how many journalists are operating in East Timor and the issues facing the media. No date was specified for the congress


1.STL's front page covered the stories about Xanana and Jacob Fernandes addressing the East Timor Youth Jubilee in Viqueque.

2. UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has asked the Security Council to extend the tenure of UNMISET and the PKF for an additional year. He said it was critical for East Timor's police to be sufficiently experienced to manage their own internal security.

3. President of PST, Pedro da Costa, says that the elected members of the National Parliament are not adequately representing the views of the people. He said the Parliament had failed the people when it approved a budget that the government had already begun to spend. He also criticized the distribution of funds from the new visa law which sees 80% go to government, 10% to the national police and 10% to Foreign Affairs . He said the members of Parliament were no longer articulating the people's aspirations.

Subject: Daily Media Review 28 April

Dili, 28 April 2003

Program on Poverty Reduction is Unclear ­ MP

Addressing the National Parliament on 25 April 03, MP's Rui Meneses (Democratic Party) said that to date it is not clear the Government's program in addressing the objective of National Development Plan to alleviate poverty. "The Government's program only focus in the agriculture sector as the priority, but only a small percentage of the budget has been allocated for the agriculture sector", he said, and added that it has been reported that in the second revision of the budget, there was a reduction of US$70,000 for the agriculture sector. Menezes said that since the majorities of the population are farmers, agriculture sector should become the priority sector in the economic development for the future. (STL)

President Xanana Gusmão Met With Uatu-Lari Residents

On Wednesday, April 24, President Xanana Gusmão met the local residents of Uatu-Lari to listen to their concerns and wishes. They have asked President Gusmão to look into ways to establish wood, fish and oil factories to create employment opportunities. Replying to this the President Gusmão asked the people of that area not to be too preoccupied on those big concerns but to focus on simpler things first. He also said that with the establishment of Bank Mandiri [Indonesia] in Timor-Leste, he will try a way of making bank credits available to Uato-Lari residents. (STL, TP)

AUSTBATT Doctors Help Bobonaro Hospital

Several medical specialists from Australian PKF [AUSBATT] have been assisting Bobonaro's hospital on a regular basis. The Head of Bobonaro District Health Services Bour Raloue F. Moniz, said that with the assistance of AUSTBATT, patients no longer need to travel to the national Hospital for treatment, especially women who need a cesarean operation.(STL)

Acts of Revenge Let To Police Attack by Soldiers Says Report

The aggression of a group of F-FDTL soldiers on two police officers last November was "in revenge" for the detention of a soldier detained by police earlier said an official report. The enquiry report, published on Friday, said that the soldier who had planned the attack had been detained by PNTL first days earlier and was on bail. According to the investigation commission, the actions of the soldiers were partly still related to the "mentality implemented" during the Indonesian occupation, where the militaries "did what they pleased without punishment". The attack was also blamed on the "weak control" of the soldiers at the training centre in Metinaro. But F-FDTL commander, Taur Matan Ruak said the military movement to the headquarter has been controlled but "apparently the soldiers took the opportunity of the weekend the their time off to leave the headquarters and attack the police, reported Lusa. (Lusa)



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