Subject: Daily Media Review 6 May


Date: 05/06/2003 03:38PM Subject: Daily Media Review 6 May

Dili, 06 May 2003

Former Vice-President Isaac: Xanana Gusmão "Asked" to Create PSD

President Gusmão, "ordered" the creation of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in 2000, admitted the former Vice-President of the party, Leandro Isaac. The revelation was done on Tuesday during a plenary session of the National Parliament of which Isaac accused the leadership of PSD of "dictators acts ". It is the first public admission about Xanana's influence in the creation of the first political party after 1999 violence, reported Lusa. According to Leandro Isacc, Xanana Gusmão personally asked him and the president of the party, Mario Carrascalão, to organize PSD during a meeting held in August 2000 (Lusa)

Xanana Gusmão: The Standard of Tetum is not Well Develop

In a seminar about 'translation and interpretation', held in Dili, President Gusmão said there is a need for Tetum dictionaries and other educational requirements, since often people are still bringing contributions from other languages when they speak Tetum. He also made an appeal to the Education Department and University lecturers (National Linguistic Institution) to prepare those requirements. In the meantime, in a separate occasion, the Director of the Linguistic Institute, Dr. Benjamin Corte-Rea, confirmed that the institution is currently working on standardizing Tetum, without scientific bases. Mr. Corte-Real further said that the institution is also trying to observe and correct the Tetum language used in the newspapers, TV, and Radio, and then consult with the Government to adopt the a policy, which would be implemented countrywide. He explained that the National Linguistic Institute has created dictionaries from Tetum to other languages but has not yet finished due to difficulties encountered. (STL)

Timor-Leste has No Competence, If Portuguese Government Deports the Two Acehnese to Indonesia

Two MP's, Clementino dos Reis Amaral (KOTA) and Francisco Branco (Fretilin) said that the problem of deporting to Indonesia the two Acehnese who entered Portugal with Timorese passports belongs to the to the Portuguese Government's Authorities and not the Timorese Government. Both said that although the two Acehnese had Timorese passports when they left Timor-Leste on their way to Portugal, it is not correct for the Dili to interfere in the subject. It is reported that the case could affect the bilateral ties between Timor-Leste and neighboring Indonesia as well as with Portugal. (STL)

Martins: Police Will Not Defend Policemen Found Guilty

Timor-Leste National Police Superintendent, Paulo de Fatima Martins, said that he would not defend a member of the force whom is found guilty. "I will not do that because we need to develop a good and responsible police," he stated during an interview with the media last Friday, regarding a recent incident in Baucau when a police officer allegedly beat a member of F-FDTL. (STL, TP)

Longuinhos: Six Former Militias Involved in Atsabe Attack To Be Deported

Prosecutor-General, Longuinhos Monteiro said rumors that six former militiamen involved in Atsabe attack will be deported to Timor-Leste for trials is not true. Monteiro confirmed that the six men are still in West Timor and will not be deported to Timor-Leste. They will be tried in an Indonesia Court, reported Timor Post (TP)

$4 Million Budget For Veterans Has Been Presented To The Government

The General Coordinator of the Commission for Former Combatants and Falintil Veterans, Duarte Viana said he has heard through the media of the amount of funds donated by the Japanese government to the commission but has not seen the money. Viana added that the money has all been transferred to the government. He added that the commission has not been consulted on the criteria, or who and how the funds should be distributed in the 13 districts, reported Timor Post. (TP)

Final Voting on Immigration and Asylum Legislation Postponed

The final voting on the Immigration and Political Asylum Legislation was postponed on Monday due to the absence of the majority of MP's of the National Parliament. The voting was scheduled for Monday's afternoon session after the Speaker of Parliament, Francisco Guterres had given a "15 minute" waiting period for the deputes to return which did not happen. Guterres decided to cancel the afternoon session called for the final voting for today [Tuesday]. (Lusa) Townsville Troops Set for E Timor Peacekeeping

The next wave of Australian Townsville-based peacekeepers starts deploying to East Timor on Wednesday. About 700 troops from the First Battalion will carry out border control and security alongside East Timorese police. The commanding officer of 1RAR, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Smith, says about 20 per cent of the troops will be making their second tour of duty to the troubled island. "[We're] providing security in an area that we've called Area of Operation Matilda, which extends just west of Dili and all the way up to the border," he said. "We'll be working alongside troops from Portugal, Fiji, Thailand and Korea." (ABC News)

Thailand to Gift 1,200 Sports Balls to Timor

Thailand plans to give 1,200 sports balls to East Timor this week as a gift to the world's youngest country for its first anniversary, reported AFP on Monday. Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will hand over 500 footballs, 250 basketballs, 250 volleyballs and 200 balls for playing takraw to the UNDP on Wednesday. (AFP)

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