Subject: Local Media Monitoring - May 9, 2003




1. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Jose Ramos Horta and the Bishop of Dili and Baucau, Monsignor Basilio do Nascimento are both in Washington. This is a busy week for Timor-Leste in the American capital. Dr. Ramos Horta is the honored guest of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) at its annual meeting being held in Washington. Bishop Basilio do Nascimento is on a separate visit to the United States at the invitation of the Fundação Luso-Americano para o Desenvolvimento. The two Timorese leaders have been busy meeting with a wide range of senior officials in the Administration and Congress. On a separate occasion, yesterday Timor-Leste's Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Jose Luis Guterres presented his credentials to President George W. Bush as Timor-Leste's first Ambassador to the United States. Dr Ramos Horta met with senior USAID officials on Wednesday. In the course of his meetings, Timor-Leste's Senior Minister appealed for continuing support and a review of the current allocation of the funds. According to Dr Ramos Horta, more funds should be allocated to the economic sector, focusing on job creation programs for veterans and youth. Dr Ramos Horta said: " Of the $25 million earmarked for 2003, a disproportionate amount has been allocated to Democracy and Governance. Other donors are also supporting this sector. I think we are having an over-dose of democracy and governance. I prefer to see more money going into job creation and poverty reduction. While democracy and governance are essential for peace, stability and investors confidence, I think that donors should allocate more funds to boost the economy, help the rural poor, support education and public health".

2. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri reported the "Open Government" visit to President Xanana Gusmao, yesterday at Palacio das Cinzas. The Head of State and the Head of Government discussed the essence of their visits and the follow up of the issues delivered by the community during the meeting. The Government has completed the "Open Government" visit to the District of Same, while the President has also visited the District of Ermera.

3. In an exclusive interview with Timor Post yesterday in the Government Palace, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said that Opposition Parties National Unity Platform will not endure the test of time, lasting only three months. Mr. Alkatiri said that the actual Government's rule is not based on coup d'etat, but was a result of a democratic election. He said that the people rest their confidence in the Government to govern this country.


1. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri held a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Rogerio Lobato, Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, Alcino Barros, the Police Commander, Mr. Paulo de Fatima Martins and other line ministers to discuss the formation of a new special police unit. During the meeting, Prime Minister said that Police as an institution with the task to maintain law, order and internal stability must be well organized.

2. The signatories of the Political Platform of National Unity, yesterday met with President Xanana Gusmao at Palacio das Cinzas to inform and to deliver the Political Platform of National Unity structure and their program. After the meeting, the Secretary General of PST, Mr Avelino Coelho on behalf of the signatories, told the press that the aim of meeting the President is to present what has been formulated. According to Mr Coelho, the Opposition Parties have the right to voice their concerns as stipulated in the Constitution.

3. The President of Partido Democratico Cristao (PDC), Mr Antonio Ximenes, has dismissed his Vice President, Mr Jose Serreno Gomes as a result of the involvement of Mr Gomes with the Political Platform of National Unity (Opposition Parties Political Umbrella) without his consent. Mr Ximenes held a press conference on Wednesday at the National Parliament building to announce the Vice President's dismissal.

4. The Deputy Director of the Dili Institute of Technology, Mr Estanislau de Sousa Saldanha in an interview with STL today, said that the College will celebrate its first anniversary tomorrow. According to Mr Saldanha, one year of existence is not long enough for an institution to develop, but they will move gradually to that objective.

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