Subject: Daily Media Review 12 May


Subject: Daily Media Review 12 May

Dili, 12 May 2003

Daily Media Review

Joćo Tavares: The Indonesian Deceived Us

The former leader of the Militia group PPI, Joćo Tavares, expressed his disappointment in relation to statements attributed to Indonesian high officials, according to which they were not certain whether people like Tavares are Indonesian or East Timorese citizens. Tavares further stressed that the integration was just a lie for them because their status is still unclear and that if they had known that their rights as Indonesian citizens were to remain unclear they would have never left Timor-Leste. Another pro-integrationist, Armindo Soares Mariano, talked to "Suara Timor Lorosae" about his disappointment in relation to the same statements. International pressure on the government of Indonesia, in order to force the refugees to return to Timor-Leste, produce such statements, he said. (STL)

CPD-RDTL Protest 20 May As "Independence Day"

CPD-RDTL coordinator, Antonio Aitahan Matak said May 20 is the restoration day of independence and November 28 should be the Independence Day. CPD-RDTL warned the UN (UNMISET) and the Government of Timor-Leste to review the celebration programs in order "to avoid violation of the principles of the UN charter", as well as the new constitution drafted by the National Parliament. Aitahan Matak said that "May 20 celebration of Independence Day" should be replaced by 'the first restoration celebration as it has been acknowledged internationally". He said that this would avoid confusion for the population of Timor-Leste. According to CPD-RDTL the UN should improve its mission and not change the history that has been written by the Maubere people. (TP)






1. The Deputy of the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr. Sukehiro Hasegawa met with President Xanana Gusmao and Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri to discuss the follow up to the "Respect Program". Mr. Hasegawa said that the aid that has been given by the Government of Japan will not be distributed, but the fund will be disbursed according to the criteria that has been set and with the approval of the district's Respect Program Steering Committee. During the meeting, the discussions were mostly about the implementation and disbursement process. The recipients of the "Respect Program" are: a) Ex Combatants, b) Vulnerable Groups ? Widows, unemployed youths. There are 3 priority areas for the program: agriculture, infrastructure rehabilitation and vocational trainings. The Steering Committee is composed as follows: National level ? The Minister for Development and Environment, The State Secretary for Labor and Solidarity and other line ministers and UNDP. The District level is composed of the District Administrator, representatives of Departments and other representatives (church, Non Government Organizations).

2. Eurest, an International Company wants to buy the picture taken of Xanana Gusmao when he was captured by TNI soldiers in November 20, 1992. The Company has offered an amount of $5.000 for the photograph. The photograph belongs to the Veterans Association. (Timor Post did not mention who took the picture).

3. Mr. Manuel Tilman from the KOTA Party said that the problem of the Metal Enterprise against the Government ( Prime Minister and the State Secretary of Commerce and Industry) needs to be handled carefully. Mr. Tilman told Timor Post on Friday that the problem was brought to the Parliament by the Metal Enterprise's Director, Mr Wong Kee Jin and the Parliament is waiting for clarification from the Government. The Director of the Metal Enterprise Company has sent a protest note to the Parliament. He complained about the Government's actions of closing down his company. Mr Jin has also taken the case to the court.


1. The ex-Commander of the Pro Autonomy militia, Mr. Joao da Silva Tavares said in Atambua, that he was very disappointed by comments made by Indonesian officials. The East Nusa Tenggara Province's Governor said that the status of the former East Timor refugees is yet to be made clear. In response to Mr. Tavares statement, the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Mr. Piet Tallo said that the refugees must decide about their nationality. If they decide to be Indonesian citizenships they must obey the existing law.

2. President Xanana Gusmao said that democracy will vanish if we do not have an effective judicial system in place. Mr. Xanana made the comments before the Appeals Court President was sworn in this afternoon at Palacio das Cinzas. The President of the Appeals Court, Mr. Claudio de Jesus Ximenes, was appointed by Mr. Xanana Gusmao. Mr. Ximenes will also undertake the Supreme Court duties though this highest judicial institution has yet to be established.

3. The Internal Minister, Mr. Rogerio Lobato and the Police Commander, Mr. Paulo de Fatima Martins were taken to court by the President of the Christian Democratic Party, Mr Antonio Ximenes. He took Mr. Lobato and Mr. Martins to court about allegations of nepotism in the recruitment process of the National Police members. The case was presented at Dili Court on Thursday, 8th May.

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