Subject: Daily Media Review 13 May 2003

Dili, 13 May 2003

Daily Media Review

Swearing-in Ceremony of the Chairman of the High Court (STL)

The President of the Court Appeal, Claudio de Jesus said during his swearing-in that it is quite a responsibility to take the position in an institution that will uphold the justice system in the country. He said that the institution also has the competence to improve the justice system for members of community who are seeking justice. He added that in accordance with the Constitution, the Courts are one of the four organs of sovereignty of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, together with the President of the Republic, the National Parliament and the Government. He also said explained that 'Court of Appeal' has competence to manage justice system within the community. It is independent and only obeys to the Constitution and Law. Ximenes stressed that there so many problems that won't be taking care of overnight. He said that in order for a judge to make a decision based on universal principles and rights they must have the adequate basic training adding that this is an area of concern for him and not the language. In the meantime, the Attorney General Prosecutor Longuinhos Monteiro said that with the swearing-in of the President of Court of Appeal, it would strengthened the law process that has not been functional properly up to date. Speaking at the ceremony, President Gusmão said that all individuals including those professionals, for the sake of the nation should not try to damage the judicial system by using it for their own benefit. Gusmão added "justice is the foundation of the Rule of Law because the Courts apply the law, which is above all citizens. Members of the government and the diplomatic corps attended the ceremony". (STL, TP)

Lu-Olo: Opposition Will Not Conduct Coupe'd Etat

The Speaker of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo said that, the opposition parties would not conducted a "coup de'Etat" against the government of Fretilin. He reminded that it is more important for people to learn from past lessons and mistakes and thus better contribute for the country. He said " I'm certain the opposition is not going to stage a coup'd'Etat because the one that occurred in 1975 was due to inexperience, and the parties were frightened of each other, which also created a cytological pain among the Timorese. Francisco Guterres was clarifying rumors about a coupe d'Etat led by the opposition parties. (STL)

Timor-Leste Joins Ban on Chemical Weapons

Timor-Leste is to become the 152nd member of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. A statement issued by the Hague-based group says that by signing the convention, the country is committing to wiping out an entire category of weapons of mass destruction. Timor-Leste ratified the OPCW convention on May 7 and will officially become a member of the United Nations organisation on June 6. The convention aims to eliminate chemical weapons by 2007. As a member, Timor-Leste will be entitled to assistance from other member states in the event of a chemical attack. (ABC Radio Australia)

Horta Asked USA Not to Reduce its Assistance

Foreign Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate ended Friday a one weeklong private visit to Washington DC with a meeting with US Secretary of State Collin Powel. The meeting was attended on the US side by Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Mr James Kelly and other senior officials. Ramos-Horta was accompanied by RDTL Ambassador to the US and the UN, Jose Luis Guterres and the Embassy's Political Counsellor Constancio Pinto. There were reports that the US Administration had submitted to Congress a much reduced development assistance budget for Timor Leste, down from $25 million in 2002 and 2003 to about US$14 million. In comments to the Press at the end of his visit, Ramos-Horta said he was "hopeful that our friends in the US will maintain the same level of assistance to Timor Leste". (TP)

Ximenes Belo Concerned With The Lack of Medicines

Bishop Belo alerted on Monday for the need of medicine currently faced in Timor mainly designated for the eradication of tuberculosis in progress. According to Lusa, the Bishop made these remarks after receiving a donation of 30,000 Euros from Azores Caritas and added, " it continues to be difficult to get medicine such as antibiotics, vitamins and aspirins". For the Bishop, the reconstruction is one of the main tasks which Caritas Dili in conjunction with the Commission for Justice and Peace is engaged and above all is hoping in the recuperation of houses for the widows and support for the orphans which has been receiving daily food. (Lusa)

Portuguese Businessman Fled to Indonesia

Joao Noronha, one of the owners of the Portuguese language newspaper "Correio de Timor" and Hotel Aleixo, fled Timor-Leste across the border to Indonesia on Sunday, in an attempt to avoid being arrested by the Timorese police. Noronha, who has several lawsuits against him, was taken to the border by another Portuguese national. He ran away with several thousand dollars, which he took from Dili's Hotel Aleixo. The company that owns "Correio de Timor" and Hotel Aleixo, Pracisal, belongs to Noronha, to two Timorese partners and to Harii (28 per cent), a company created in 1999 by several Portuguese companies in order to promote the economic development of Timor-Leste. Among the companies that created Harii are ANA (airports), BNU (bank), EDP (electricity) and PT (telecommunications). According to Lusa, the Timorese authorities claim that Hotel Aleixo alone owns 80,000 US$ in taxes to the Timorese State. The total debts of the company are over one million dollars. Forty Timorese nationals worked for Hotel Dom Aleixo. (Lusa)




May 13, 2003 STL 1. Mr Jose Ramos Horta, Foreign Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate ended his week long private visit to Washington DC on Friday with a meeting with United States Secretary of State Mr. Colin Powel. The meeting was attended by the US Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Mr. James Kelly and other senior officials. Dr Ramos Horta was accompanied by RDTL Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations, Mr. Jose Luis Guterres and the Embassy's Political Counsellor, Mr. Constancio Pinto. In comments to the Press at the end of his visit, Dr Ramos Horta said "the people of Timor-Leste have many friends in the US. Everywhere our friends understand that we need and deserve continuing support. It would not make sense that a country which has shown itself to be a friend of the US and has been independent for only one year is penalized with such a significant reduction in aid for the poor. I am hopeful that our friends in the US will maintain the same level of assistance to Timor-Leste ".

2. The Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Olimpio Branco was appointed as the President of the Independence Day Celebration's Commission. In a press release yesterday, Mr. Branco said that each district will receive $4.000 in cash for the event. The Organizing Committee will promote sport and cultural events.

3. The Appeals Court's President Claudio de Jesus Ximenes was sworn in yesterday at the Appeals Court Office by the President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. In his speech, President Xanana Gusmao said that the national interest should be safeguarded rather than allowing personal privilege to damage the judicial system. Mr. Ximenes, in his inaugural speech as President of the Appeals Court, said that it is his major responsibility to nurture the judicial system.

4 The Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Lu-Olo said there is no reason for the Opposition Parties to make a coup d'etat against the constitutional government. Mr. Lu-Olo emphasized that the people of this nation can learn valuable lessons from past experiences. Mr. Lu-Olo recalled the 1975 civil war in Timor-Leste.

5. The Commission for the Veterans and the Former Combatants (CAAC ? CAAV) has registered 6.000 persons at the end of the time limit on June 30, 2003. The Commission expressed the constraints and successes they face during their work in the field. (STL did not cite the spoke person's name, where the interview occurred or the date).


1. Speaking in the ceremony for the swearing in of the Appeals Court's President yesterday at the Appeals Court office in Caicoli, President Xanana Gusmao said that justice is the foundation of the supremacy of law. Mr Xanana Gusmao emphasized the importance of justice in a democratic nation.

2. The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Mr Mariano Sabino said "Don't scare the people with rumors". Mr Sabino's comments resulted from a letter by a high ranking member of an unmentioned party from Baucau to the Minister of Internal Affairs. The letter described the possibility of a coup d'etat by police officers affiliated to the Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party. The Speaker of the Parliament read the letter in the plenary session. (Timor Post did not mention when the letter was received).

3. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Jose Ramos Horta asked the United States of America not to reduce the amount of aid to Timor-Leste.(Timor Post repeated the same story already described in STL).

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