Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Nov 27, 2003

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Nov 27, 2003

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Canada to support challenges

The President of Timor-Leste said after receiving the Ambassador of Canada's credentials, Randolph Mank, that the his happy with financial support from Canada. The President added that Canadian support will help to confront the challenges that this new country faces. Mr Gusmao said that the Government of Canada and its people have financially supported civil society, the health sector, and justice.

Money collected by an illegal group

The Minister for Internal affairs and Security, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that he has received information that a group called "maubere foho leten" has illegally collected money from people who live in remote and isolated areas of the country.

Mr Lobato said that the population should closely co-operate with the National Police Force to identify and then ensure the arrest of the group.

Incentive for investors needed says Amaral The President of the Democratic Social Association of Timor (ASDT), Francisco Xavier do Amaral, said that the Government of Timor-Leste has opened the doors for investors but, it also needs to create an incentive for them. Mr Amaral said that the incentive should be in tax exemptions for a period of 5 or 10 years, before companies starts making money. He added that during this period those companies who are most successful should pay 20% of tax instead of the current 10%.

Peace amongst yourselves ? Ana Pessoa

During a ceremony to mark a world wide campaign against domestic violence the Minister of State, Ana Pessoa, said that its time for people of Timor-Leste to stop using words of violence, and instead speak only about love and peace within the family circle. Mrs Pessoa said that authorities, teachers and parents should stop the violence and be an example for children so they have a future without domestic violence.

Government car used for political activities

A member of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Joao Goncalves, said that the Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, should set an example and not use his Government car for his Party political activities. Mr Goncalves added that the Prime Minister himself made a public statement about civil servants and others not using vehicles for non-government purposes, but he is contradicting it. Mr Goncalves said that the Prime Minister as set a precedent now for the public workers to use their cars as they like.

GTZ donates outboard motors for Caibada fishermen

The Head of the Fishery Department in Baucau, Abel Ximenes, said that the German Technical Cooperation NGO (GTZ) has donated outboard motors to fishermen in the sub-district of Baucau, Caibada. Mr Ximenes said that the fishermen requested continuous support from international community on how to repair the outboard motors when they break.


Indemnification for damaging PPT's President image

During a Plennary session in the Parliament of Timor-Leste, the President of the Timorese People's Party (PPT), Jacob Xavier, complained that a Police officer in Liquica had called him "crazy". Mr Xavier said that for this reason, he's seeking USD 5000 in compensation from the Police to repair the damage done to his good name and the Party he represents.

52 companies to invest in fishing

A member of MAFF responsible for Fisheries, Joao Freitas, said that 52 investors had registered to invest in offshore fishing. He added that his Department is looking at the best offer before any decision can be made.

East Timor gives US soldiers impunity, quietly

During the last week of October 2003, East Timor's Council of Ministers approved and "Article 98 Agreement" with the United States which promises that East Timor will never transfer "current or former government officials, employees (including contractors), or military personnel or nationals" of the USA to the new International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands. The impunity agreement had been signed by Foreign Minister, Jose Ramos Horta, in August 2002. At that time, East Timor's government had said that it required parliamentary ratification before it would go into effect.

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