Subject: Local Media Monitoring - October 02, 2003

From World Bank

October 02,2003, ASP/SAS/CJB



Borrow From The World Bank, IMF and ADB

Mr Rui Manuel Castro from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( KADIN-TL) said that the government doesn't need to borrow from The World Bank, ADB and IMF. Mr Castro is the former coordinator for Community Empowerment Program (CEP). He said that we must learn from Indonesia who has borrowed but cannot repay loans.

Mr Castro also said that he agree and support the Government policy to not borrow from the World Bank, IMF and ADB and hoped the government would stay consistent with this policy.

Timor Gap Comment

Mr Alexander Cortereal from the People's Union Democtratic Party (UDT) said that he was confident that Timor Gap income would benefit Timor-Leste. Mr Cortereal said that he was afraid about the implementation. He's concerned about labour problems when East Timore working at Bayu Undan.

Mr Cortereal he hoped that the government could find good mechanisms to manage the Timor Gap income well.

Border Control needs Guns

The Border Control units be armed for self-protection,said Mr Jose Andrade, the delegate from the Bobonaro district in the National Parliament.

Mr Andrade said that border between West Timor and Timor?Leste is very dangerous.

Mr Julio Hornai, Deputy PNTL in border control said the situation on the border between Timor-Leste and West Timor is fine.

National Dialogue III

The Public Coordinator of the President Cabinet Team, Mr Miguel Manetelu, said that on November the team would conducting a national dialogue in all 13 district with the theme of 'reconciliation'.The goal of the dialogue is to find out what people think about the subject of reconciliation.

Relationship between Indonesian and Timor-Leste Military

Mr Fransisco Branco head, of the Fretilin party, said that relationship between the military of Timor-Leste and Indonesia is important, but they must trust each other to ensure good relations.

Commenting on this issue, Mr Julio Tomas Pinto, a researcher and analysis in military and political said that he supported the President's statement about growing links between the Timor-Leste and Indonesian military.

National Campaign for Immunization

The Health Department are planning an information campaign on national immunization, said Mr Carlos Boavida, head of the campaign for national immunization in HNGV(Hospital National Guido Valadares) Dili. The immunization will prevent polio in children aged between 6-59 months.(It really says 59. this could be a typo). Mr Boavida said that WHO,UNICEF,PKF and PNTL would be involved in the information campaign. He said that there was also a plan to distribute vitamin A.

Cattle in the center of Dili make it look Ugly

Mr Antonio da Silva from Dili a citizen of Dili said that he doesn't want people to sell cows in the Pantai Kelapa because it makes the area look untidy. The article says that the cattle owners from Oecusse are bringing the animal to Dili to sell as there no buyer in Oecusse. The people from Oecusse then return home and use the money they have earned to buy food for their families.

"Febra Emorazica" is Killing Cattle

Dr Dominggos Sarmento, head of the Division of Animal husbandry said that cattle are dying from Febra Emorazica virus. He said the worst affected areas are Covalima and Same districs. Mr Sarmento said the disease was only affecting cattle that had not been vaccinated.


Immigration Law, comment by the Vice Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Mr Alcino Baris, the Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, said that the immigration law doesn't create a "vacuum" because it fills the 'void' left by the UNTAET regulations on immigration law. Mr Baris said that the immigration law debate is about regulation of people from foreign countries coming in and out of Timor-Leste.

Church's Role in Timor-Leste

Mr Julio Tomas Pinto, researcher and analysis in military and political affairs said that the church's role during the occupation by Indonesia was very important. Mr Pinto was commenting on a story in yesterday's news where Bishop Basilio do Nacimento said the role of the church today in a free Timor Leste is under threat.

Related to this issue, Mr Fransisco Gutteres, the head of the National Parliament, said that the church is important to Timor-Leste is future and it was very important in the past. He also said that nobody wants to pressure the church. According to Mr Gutteres, the church contribution is to build a strong moral foundation for this new nation.

Australian PKF Comment on Future Role in Timor-Leste

The articles quotes a press release from the Australian battalion that says they want to decrease presence in Timor-Leste. The article also said the Australian Army would still give support to Falintil-FDTL(F-Forcas defesa de Timor Leste) with training and technical assistance.

Militia men sighted near the border

Timor Post reports that, Colonel Lere Anan Timor, said he had received information from the Bobonaro District that last month, someone had sighted 20 men dressed in full uniform.

Col Lere added that days later, another report was sent in saying that 50 men were spotted in Ainaro District dressed in full uniform and carrying backpacks. According to the Timor Post, Col Lere could not confirm whether they were militias or just the ex-members of Falintil.

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