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October 02,2003



All Programs from ADB, World Bank and IMF are a Failure

Lao Hamutuk has said that all programs conducted by the World Bank, ADB and IMF are failures and the World Bank, ADB and IMF are not adding value in Timor - Leste.

Opposition Calls for Loans

Mr Rui Menezes, spokesperson for the Democrat Party (PD) and Mrs Maria Paixao, from the Democrat Social Party (PSD), have said that the government should take the loans from the World Bank, ADB and IMF. They agree with that the government that adequate resources manage the loans is an issue. Mr. Menezes said he believed there was expertise to manage loans funds outside of the Fretilin majority party and the Government should be looking beyond their own party. Mrs Paixao said that given the current economic condition, Timor Leste needs to borrow from the World Bank, ABD, and the IMF. If the government doesn't borrow, the country will not create economic growth, she said.

Commenting on the loans issue, researcher Mr Mateus Goncalves, said the World Bank and IMF does not help the people. He said they create suffering and economic collapse.

Possible Relationship between Indonesia and Timor- Leste Military

The President said that F- Falintil Forca Defesa de Timor Leste (FDTL) and the Indonesian National Force (TNI) will in the future make serious effort to build a working.Related to this issue Brigader General Taur Matan Ruak, said that he has met with Indonesian General Endriartono Sutarto. General Ruak said that during his meeting on September 9, he and General Sutarto talkedabout military and security relations.General Ruak said that the Indonesian military could with technical training for the Timor Leste military . General Ruak said this would be important when the UN-PKF leaves Timor - Leste.

Immigration Law Debate

Mr Jacob Fernandes , the Vice President of the National Parliament, said that the National Parliament doesn't agree with the comment of Claudio de Jesus Ximenes, the President of the Court of Appeal. Mr Fernandes said that the immigration law is constitutional. The articles said that according to the Court of Appeal, articles 11 and 12 unconstitutional.Related to this issue Fretilin Party have that they want to save the national interest and support the Immigration Law.The Fretilin party want this Immigration Law approved because they say it will protect the people of Timor- Leste.The Judical Systems Monitoring Program (JSMP) said in another article about the Immigration Law that they believed the law was anti human rights and need to be changed. Ramos Horta to attend meeting in West Pacific

A press release from the Department of Foreign Affairs says that the Minister, Jose Ramos Horta, will attend a meeting in the West Pacific to discuss and respond to terrorism threats in the West Pacific. In the same story, but an a different topic, the articles said Timor- Leste and Mexico have made diplomatic relation on September 26, 2003.

Need to Build Factory in Sector West

Mrs Maria Paixao, from the Democratic Social Party(PSD)said that the government needs to build factories in the West of Timor Leste, to boost the potential for coffee production in that region. Mrs Paixao said that to maximize coffee production the Government needs to be training the farmers.

The Hatu-Udo Case

Mr Jacob Xavier from the Timor People's Party (PPT) has said that PPT would travel to Ainaro to investigate the Case of Hatu- Udo. The Hatu- Udo case relates to Ainaro community protest about police conduct while arresting Saturnino over a property dispute.

Timor Post

Key role for Church today, says Bishop

In the lead story, Timor Post reports that D. Basilio do Nascimento, Bishop of the Diocese of Baucau and Dili said during a mass this week, that during the resistance times, the church in Timor-Leste was seen as an institution with lots of power that the people could use as part of their political campaign against Indonesia.D. Basilio went on to say that the Indonesian are no longer here and so people today are not putting the value they should on the church in Timor Leste.

CPD/RDTL says they don't want a new state

Timor Post reports that the coordinator of CPD/RDTL, Antonio Ai-Tahan Matak, said that "CPD/RDTL will not create a new state". He was speaking at a media conference held this week.Mr Antonio said that his group, CPD/RDTL, wants the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste self-govern with full control of state affairs, without any interference from the outside world. He said that currently UNMISET still controls defense, security, the economy and the justice system. Immigration Law is unconstitutional

Marcelino Magno the coordinator from East Timor Study Group and Julio Tomas Pinto from Center for Strategic Studies and Scientism Investigation have said the Immigration Law is unconstitutional. They said the law is a "vacuum". They say it is incomplete and this will lead to problems.

Timor Post also reported about JSMP and Jocab Fernandes as a STL report.

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