Subject: Local Media Monitoring - OCT 07, 2003

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OCT 07, 2003


Timor-Leste needs to boost human resource capacity

The Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, said that "is not that the Government does not want to borrow from the World Bank. As a new Nation firstly he said Timor-Leste needs to build its capacity to manage and wisely budgets in every sector of the society'. He said the important thing is to develop capacity at an administration level. Minister Alkatiri also said that if the Government borrows it creates debts, and debts have to be paid back one day.

Government policy not to borrow from International Monetary Institution

Mr Joao Mariano Saldanha (Phd), Executive Director of East Timor Study Group said that he agrees with the government policy of not borrowing money for the time being. Mr Saldanha said that management skills need to be developed in departments like Finance, Planning and Development before the Government decides to borrow from World Bank, IMF and ADB.

Health is a priority sector in Timor-Leste

The Minister of Health, Dr Rui de Araujo, during a meeting with a TFET Joint Mission said that programs on health have been established and priorities have been set to build new clinics. Dr Araujo said that TFET Joint Mission meetings are held every six months with donor countries to report and update on the implementation of the programs established by his Department. Present at the meeting were also the Vice-Minister of Health, Luis Lobato, Team Leader of the Delegation from the World Bank, Mr Ian Morris, the AusAID and the Head of the European Union.

Security and stability is a national issue

The President, Xanana Gusmao met Prime Minister Alkatiri to discuss the national issues concerning security and stability, the economy and the World Bank. Mr Alkatiri briefed the President about the World Bank meeting held in Dubai, last month, and about his official visit to the Republic of China. On the President's agenda was his official visit to Malaysia, and the end of the UNMISET mission. School in desperate need

STL reports that Victor Santa Primary School, in Maliana, is desperately in need of chairs to accommodate 355 children. The headmaster, Sr Felisberto Sena Goncalves, said he finds it difficult to teach when there is shortage of books for the children to learn.


Students have responsibilities to this country

Timor Post reports that, Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, during a seminar about Education, Ethics and Development in Timor-Leste, said that the difficult situation that East Timor is facing needs to be solved with dialogue and not rioting. In a direct message to the students in the Dili Institute of Technology, yesterday, the bishop said that their role within this difficult process is to study and become the future leaders of this country. Armindo Maia, the Minister for Education was also present at the seminar.

Church and the Government working together

Timor Post reports that Armindo Maia, Minister of Education, said that the Government of Timor-Leste and the Church are working together in developing human resources for health and education departments.

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