Subject: AN: Indonesia Wants East Timor to Address Illegal Border Trade

Received from Joyo Indonesia News

September 15, 2003 9:17pm Antara

Indonesia Wants East Timor to Address Illegal Border Trade

KEFAMENANU, E Nusa Tenggara, Sept 16 Asia Pulse - East Timor should prevent illegal trade at the border between its Oecusse district and Timor Tengah Utara district in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province, a local official has said.

"The East Timorese government has to prevent illegal trade by reducing import duties imposed in areas bordering with Timor Tengah Utara," Timor Tengah Utara district's deputy head, Gabriel Manek, said here Monday.

He said that if the newly independent country encourages trade at the border by reducing the import duties of daily necessities, black market activities would gradually disappear.

The mushrooming of the black market at the border of East Timor and East Nusa Tenggara disadvantages Indonesia, especially the district government, he pointed out.

Gabriel noted that the district government has been trying to prevent illegal trade by opening traditional markets at border points, especially in Napan, Wini and Haumeniana.

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