Subject: Daily Media Review 16 September 2003


Dili, September 16 2003

Daily Media Review

Minister of Justice: Government Will Confiscate All Identified Assets

The Minister of Justice, Domingos Sarmento said on Monday, that the government has been identifying all its assets and that people who refuse to follow the notifications issued by the government, will be evicted, "regardless of which political affiliation they belong to". Sarmento pointed out to the case of Mario Viegas Carrascalão who was evicted from the house he was living; the property had been identified as belonging to the State. He also pointed out the case of Santina Quentino, coordinator of Fretilin's Central Committee (CCF), who was evicted last week from a house belonging to the State, for having refused to follow instructions issued by the Land and Property Department. He noted that the media had been impartial in their reports on Mario Carrascalão eviction, reported STL. (STL, TP)

PM Alkatiri Heads Delegation to China, US and United Emirate

Prime Minister Alkatiri left Dili on Tuesday, heading a government delegation which will pay an official visit to China. According to Lusa, the delegation will also visit the United Arab Emirates and the USA. In China Alkatiri is scheduled to meet with his counterpart, Wen Jiabao, the President of the Republic, Hu Jintao and the President of the National Popular Permanent Committee, while members of his delegates will meet with their Chinese counterparts. In the UAE he will participate in the World Bank and the IMF meetings. Before returning to Timor-Leste, Alkatiri will attend the UN Security Council session, which will analyze the future presence of UN in Timor-Leste after UNMISET mandate. The ministers of Finance, Agriculture, Health as well as the Secretary of State for Defense and Tourism take in the delegation. (TP, STL, Lusa)

Australian Citizen Detained For "Bad Behavior"

An Australian citizen was detained by the Timorese police early Monday morning for "misbehaving", reported the Portuguese news agency, Lusa. According to the news agency, an Australian woman was detained based on a mandate issued on Friday afternoon as a consequence of a complaint, which her lawyers are yet to learn. Kim-Louise Miller said she was detained on Monday morning based on a mandate issued in Indonesian language which did not explain the motive of the detention. "The police did not talk to me about this case," said Miller, adding that "the only thing I know is that the document cited article 35, something that the police translator explained had to do with "bad behavior". The Prosecutor in charge of the case has released the woman, who works for a private company, under the custody of an international UN police (Lusa)

TL Condemns Coup d'Etat in Guiné-Bissau

The Timorese government on Tuesday released a communiqué condeming the coup d'Etat in Guiné-Bissau and expressing concerns about the conditions the population of the country continue to face. "The Government of Timor-Leste strongly appeals to the military authorities, authors of the coup to make all efforts for the re-establishment of the legality and the Constitutional democratic order", refers the communiqué. In the document the government stated that the Council of Ministers debated the issue on Monday recalled that Dili and Guiné-Bissau have always maintained ties of friendship and solidarity. (Lusa)

Former Indonesian Soldier on Trial Against Humanity

On Thursday the trial of the first former Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) soldier charged with Crimes Against Humanity commenced in the Special Panel for Serious Crimes of the Dili District Court in Timor-Leste. The accused, Marcelino Soares, the former head commander of TNI in Hera village is indicted upon three counts of Crimes Against Humanity (murder, torture and persecution by unlawful detention) arising from the arrest and torture of three members of the Timorese pro-independence group, by Timorese and Indonesian soldiers, and the subsequent murder of one of the arrested persons, Luis dias Soares on or about 20 April 1999. The accused is alleged to have had direct command and cnotrol over the East Timorese TNI soldiers stationed in Hera. (STL)

President Gusmão Visits Manufahi and Aileu

On Monday President Gusmão began a three-day visit to the Districts of Manufahi and Aileu starting in the village of Orsonako. The visit is part of the ongoing Open Presidency Program which provides a forum for the President to meet with the local population, to hear their concerns and to work together to find solutions, reported the President's Office on Monday.


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