Subject: Sino-East Timor Cooperative Ties Promoted


Chinese top legislator meets East Timor PM

Sino-East Timor Cooperative Ties Promoted

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set forth a three-point proposal Wednesday to promote bilateral relations between China and East Timor.

The proposal includes beefing up efforts to increase political trust between the two countries through high-level contacts, exploring economic and trade cooperation of mutual benefit, and enhancing the coordination in the regional and international affairs.

Premier Wen conferred with Mari Alkatiri, prime minister of East Timor, and said that the Chinese people have supported and respected the choice of the East Timor people, and the relations between the two countries have been progressing remarkably since the two countries forged their diplomatic ties over a year ago.

The governments, parliaments and parties in power of both countries have built up good relations, and the two countries have cooperated on agriculture and fishing, he said.

China has offered fund and technical aid for the rebuilding of East Timor, Wen said, pledging to continue the aid to East Timor and strengthen the existing relationship between the two countries.

He also appreciated East Timor government's adherence to the One-China policy, and voiced his belief that East Timor would continue its support on China's stance on the Taiwan and Tibet issues.

The Chinese premier said his country would continue to play a positive role in the peace-keeping operation of the United Nations in East Timor.

Prime Minister Alkatiri said China was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with East Timor when the country was founded over a year ago. This fully embodies the Chinese people's support to the people of East Timor,

As a new country, he said, East Timor would like to draw on China's experience in the course of its development, and is ready to enhance bilateral cooperation in the political, economic and trade, and health fields.

He also welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest in his country in such fields as agriculture, fishing and tourism sectors so as to further the bilateral relations between East Timor and China.

Both Wen and Alkatiri attended a signing ceremony for a trade agreement and five other cooperative documents after their talks.

Before the talks, Premier Wen Jiabao held a welcome ceremony in honor of the East Timor prime minister.

(People's Daily September 18, 2003)


Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Friday, September 19, 2003

Chinese top legislator meets East Timor PM

<>Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (<>NPC), met Thursday with Mari Alkatiri, prime minister of East Timor.

Alkatiri is the first leader from East Timor to visit China since East Timor became independent. Wu said the visit is important and will promote the relations between the two countries.

He said the Chinese new collective leadership pays much attention to developing long-term and stable relations of cooperation with East Timor on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and China is ready to offer help for the economic and social development of East Timor.

The top legislator said that the NPC values relations with the parliament of East Timor, and will build up the friendly bilateralties. The two parliaments should coordinate and cooperate in the international and regional parliamentary organizations to safeguard the interests of the developing countries.

Wu also said that as friendly countries, China and East Timor have great potential in economic cooperation.

Alkatiri said that he visited China over 20 years ago, and through the current visit he has found that great changes have taken place in China. The achievements China has made fully demonstrate that the reform and opening-up policy is correct, he said.

He said that the relations between East Timor and China are strengthening although the two countries established relations notlong ago. The two sides signed many agreements for cooperation during his current visit, Alkatiri said, voicing his belief that the relations between East Timor and China will develop quickly.

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