Subject: Daily Media Review 26 September 2003


Dili, September 26 2003

Daily Media Review

New Indictment Charges 18 People

The Acting Deputy General Prosecutor for Serious Crimes filed a major Crimes against Humanity indictment with the Special Panel for Serious Crimes at Dili District Court in Timor Leste on 25 September 2003. The Hera indictment charges a total of 18 individuals with a total of 16 counts of crimes against humanity including murder, torture, deportation and persecution committed in a campaign of violence against the civilian population of Hera and Metinaro areas in Dili between April and September 1999. The 18 accused persons include 2 Indonesian military (TNI) officers (Lieutenant Agus Yuli ­the former TNI Rajawali Commander in Hera-and Lieutenant Untung former TNI Military Commander of Metinaro subdistrict) and 4 East Timorese TNI soldiers based in Hera and Metinaro. Further charges Mateus de Carvalho (the former commander of Aitarak Company D in Hera), Antonio Adolfo and Luis da Costa Oliveira (both former Aitarak militia section commanders in Metinaro subdistrict) and 9 former Aitarak militia members. All of the accused in the Hera indictment are believed to be at large in the Republic of Indonesia. Arrest Warrants will be requested from Dili District Court which when received will be forwarded to the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia and to the Interpol organisation. The Serious Crimes Unit has now filed 75 indictments at the Special Panels for Serious Crimes charging a total of 333 persons. Of those indicted, 246 accused remain at large in the Republic of Indonesia. Until now, 35 accused have been convicted in trials at the Special Panel for Serious Crimes in Timor Leste. (SCU)

Barris: PNTL to be Judged Proportionally

On Friday's edition, Suara Timor Lorosae reported that the Vice-Minister of Internal Administration Alcino Barris had appealed to the Timorese community to take a proportional attitude in judging PNTL. Barris said the police officers are trying to restore law and order in Timor-Leste under great challenges and weaknesses within the institution. He said members of the community have criticized officers on minor incidents without also looking at the good side of police force, reported the newspaper. As an example, the Vice-Minister pointed out to the work been carried out by BPU at the border. In a separate article on Friday, Timor Post reported that Father Rafael dos Santos, who was the priest in charge of Liquiça Church at the time of the massacre in 1999, is reportedly said to be disappointed with PNTL's attitudes towards the public. He said the police lack the ethics in dealing with people violating the traffic law. He has appealed for further and longer period of training to the police officers. (STL) Halilintar Group Headquarter Established in Turiskai

Bobonaro Border Patrol Unit [BPU] Commander Abilio de Carvalho Madeira on Wednesday told Suara Timor Lorosae that a letter was sent to the Indonesian military and Police stationed near the junction points of Suco Maumutin and Tohe Rai-Ain, in Belu regency to dismantle militia headquarters in Turiskai. According to the newspaper, Carvalho said that after the death of [Francisco] Viegas Bili Atu [Viriato] last Friday, BPU agents learned that the former militia group Halilintar had set up headquarters not far from Mojong market and is led by its former commander, João da Silva Tavares. Due to its proximity to the market, it is reported that former members of the militia group can easily cross to Timor-Leste's territory, reported the STL on its Friday's edition. (STL) Police Seeks Viegas Case Witnesses

Indonesian Police are searching for at least three people who reportedly entered Timor-Leste illegally along with former militiaman Viegas Bibilitu [Viriato], who was shot dead by Timorese police, reported The Jakarta Post. According to West Timor Chief Police Edward Aritonang the three men would help determine what exactly happened during the shooting and the motive why Viegas entered illegaly Timor-Leste, said Jakarta Post. But the whereabouts of the three men remain a mystery. The newspaper reported that Aritonang said the shooting was "unjustifiable" and should not have happened. He has urged the Timor-Leste police to thoroughly investigate the incident so as to appease former pro-integration Timorese people now living in Indonesia. (JP, TP) 

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