Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring March 30, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring March 29, 2004


Media needs to know democracy

During a seminar entitled "Media role for the democracy in Timor-Leste" the President of Timor-Leste, Xanana Gusmão, has asked the media to be conscious of their role, and said they need to fully understand democracy and what it means. The President said that he understands that the media is still in a process of learning development.

Peace and stability is worth

During a ceremony to commemorate National Police Day this weekend, the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, reminded police that peace, stability and democracy are the basic conditions for success and all 3 should be highly valued. Dr Alkatiri said that for these 3 elements to be met, the people of Timor-Leste need to have a patriotic spirit and need respect the sovereignty of the country.

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No soldier will face the court, says Major Maubuti

During a meeting with the population of Lospalos, organized by President Xanana Gusmão, Major Maubiti said that no soldiers will face the court over the incident with the police in Lospalos. He said to do so would mean taking all of them (the soldiers) to court. Major Maubiti said that the country's leaders are the witnesses for the community of Lospalos. He said if the soldiers were fired, thewy would all go back to Uaimori. (Site of original cantonment)

Don't point your finger without evidence, says Sarmento

The Minister for Justice, Domingos Sarmento, said that people have accused the Ministry of Justice of corruption, but they have yet to present evidence and proof of it. He said that many people tend to talk and create false rumours about the Ministry of Justice practising corruption without any evidence.


250 houses destroyed by monsoon in Bobonaro

The Vice-Sub-District Administrator of Bobonaro, Mateus de Jesus, said that rain and strong gusty winds that lasted five days destroyed in the vicinity of 18 Sucos, 250 houses, 3 churches and 7 schools. He said that the monsoon also caused landslides that destroyed peoples goods in the fields. Mr de Jesus said that the natural disaster left people without any means to survive.

Population of Alas received rice seeds from Ministry of Agriculture

The Administrator for the Sub-District of Alas, District of Manufahi, Longinhos Monteiro, said that the Department of Agriculture has distributed rice seeds for the population in Alas. He said that the seeds are a great help for them to be able to cultivate their rice fields.

Preparation for the 2nd anniversary of East Timor

Life, Love and Health, an Australian Organization working for Timor-Leste, in cooperation with the Government of Timor-Leste, announces the launch of the Timor Gathering. The Timor Gathering is an Adventure Challenge and Rejuvenation Concert event in three spectacular areas of Timor-Leste during the week leading up to the second anniversary of the Restoration of Independence. The aims of the Gathering are to promote regional and international goodwill and to provide another opportunity for District involvement in National events. The Timor Challenge is a multi-sport adventure which involves four-person teams from each District of Timor-Leste, joined by 15 international teams from Timor and overseas to challenge themselves and each other in three, four and five hour outdoor endurance events in the name of friendship and peace. All competitors will receive a memento of the Timor Challenge and awards will be given for the District and international teams with the fastest combined time for the three challenges. Teams from Timor-Leste, the Middle East, Asia and Europe have shown a lot of early interest with entries opening this Monday 29 March and closing date Tuesday 13 April.

PSD threaten to take Leandro Isaac to court

The Vice-President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Lucia Lobato, said that allegations made by Leandro Isaac (used to be the vice-president of the party responsible for the Infrastructure) to the weekly Portuguese newspaper that the party had received an amount of USD$ 50,000 from Petrotimor during the political campaign is not true, because PSD never received any money from Petrotimor. Ms Lobato said that PSD had requested evidence from Leandro Isaac but so far he hasn't presented any. Meanwhile Lucia Lobato said that she already has the number of the mobile phone from the person who sent her threaten messages not to talk about the alleged bribery by the Conocophillips. Ms Lobato said that the number will be handed over to the Police and Prosecutor General to take action. She said also that she's not happy with the Prime Minister's attitude over the 51 cases of alleged corruption presented by the General Inspector to the Prime Minister, and no action has been taken.

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Cannot accuse the institution over 4 December case, says Longuinhos

The Prosecutor General of Timor-Leste, Dr Longuinhos Monteiro, said that people are still waiting for the results of an investigation done by UNPOL on 4 December. He said that the results have shown that there are no victims and suspects to the case and the report has not pin pointed individuals responsible for the act. Dr Monteiro said that everyone talks about the National Police but they never refer to damage it caused. He said that further investigation is needed to find evidence to be able to take the case forward.

If administration is not clear, Australia will play games

A Member of the National Parliament, Mariano Sabino Lopes, said that one of the reasons for Australia to play games with us is because the administration of the Timor Sea agreement is not clear. He said that it is still not clear who gets what and what percentage, and how much our workers will get for their salaries.

Crime derived from money, says Lobato

The Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that organized crime can start operating in Timor-Leste, because there is evidence of groups that have initiated their activities in the country, like gambling and prostitutes. He said that crime can be derived from dirty money from gambling.

Irrigation system does not work in Carau-Ulun

A member of the population from the suco of Betano, District of Same, Lourenco da Costa Fernandes, said that the irrigation system in Carau-Ulun does not work and people cannot used it for their cultivation activities in rice paddies. He said that because of the malfunction of the irrigation system, people in the suco of Alas have not planted anything until now. Mr Fernandes said that during the Indonesian times the irrigation system was better and reliable, and no one starved.

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