Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring April 6, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring April 6, 2004

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Political declaration from PD over the alleged bribery

A Member of the National Parliament from Democratic Party (PD), Rui Menezes, said that the Democratic Party is shocked to find that the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri does not want to face the National Parliament and explained to the nation the allegation made against him by a petrol company. He said that the allegation against the Prime Minister is damaging and as dirtying the entire Timorese image. Mr Menezes said that PD gives the full support to a filed court case in America to find whether or not the Prime Minister received the money. Meanwhile the Democratic Party has requested the National Parliament and the President to remove the political immunity from the Prime Minister for him to be able to respond to the accusation of the alleged bribery by ConocoPhillips.

PD conducts injurious campaigns against the Government

A Member of the National Parliament for Fretilin, Elizario Ferreira, said that the Democratic Party had recently campaigned against the Government of Timor-Leste in the District of Bobonaro with the consent of the President, Xanana Gusmão. He said the report sent by the District Administrator, Ernesto Barreto, says that PD party members said that the President was the main organizer for the injurious campaign against the Government. Mr Ferreira said that during the meeting Mariano Sabino said to the people that Xanana Gusmão had sent them (PD) to persuade the people and be ready for the election, because he (Xanana) does not like Fretilin, and also dislikes the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri because he is an Islam.


Ready or not we have to accept the responsibility

The Brigadier General of the F-FDTL, Taur Matan Ruak, said that with the end of UNMISET mission in May 20 the security is being handed over to the F-FDTL. But the F-FDTL has not been consulted on whether they were ready to accept or not. Brigadier Ruak said that it is a huge responsibility, but we have to accept it otherwise we will never be able to assume the responsibility. Brigadier Ruak said that when we fought for the independence we were never asked if we were ready or not, but we did resist for 24 years.

Coffee quality set as a priority

During a workshop in Gleno for better quality of coffee organized by the Japanese NGO Peace Winds in Timor-Leste, the Coordinator, Yuki Yamamoto, said that one of the main objectives of the workshop is to teach people how to acquire better quality of coffee. He said that the objective of the NGO is also to help establish the economy of Timor-Leste.

Management training for public servants in the District

The Director for the National Institute for Public Administration (INAP), Florindo Pereira, said that 25 public servants from the Districts of Same, Ainaro, Aileu and Viqueque are receiving project management training. He said that the training is being conducted in cooperation with the District Development Officer (DDO) and Community Development Officer (CDO). Mr Pereira said that the management training consists of how to prepare and manage, and finance the project.

East Timor tribute night

East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao's wife, Kirsty Sword Gusmao, will be the guest of honour at a benefit night at the Sydney Town Hall on April 12. The event will raise funds for the Alola Foundation, which was set up by Kirsty to assist the women of East Timor. A wide range of musicians, writers, poets, comedians and some well-known local identities will come together on the night. Various unions, politicians, local councils, community groups, some student associations and political organizations have been quick off the mark to offer logistical support.

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