Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring august 2, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring August 2, 2004

Timor Post

Eight tonnes of meat disposed

The newspaper reports that 8,9 tonnes of meat were disposed of on Thursday for not having the necessary documents from the exporting country (does not say which country). The newspaper reports that a statement issued by the Internal Director of Timor-Leste's quarantine, Rui Daniel Carvalho, said that the disposal of chicken, pork and beef meat in Tibar, belongs to Eurest, a company catering for PKF in Timor-Leste.

Legislation needs to be approved urgently, says Olandina

Today's edition of the newspaper says that Women Organization made a recommendation to the Government of Timor-Leste, United Nations, Civil Society and the National Parliament to make the necessary amendments to the domestic violence legislation and approve it as soon as possible. She said that in Timor-Leste domestic violence is still happening without any respect for the women rights.

Members of CPD-RDTL arrested in Ossu

The Police Commissioner, Paulo de Fatima Martins, said that the National Police Force have arrested twenty members of the CPD-RDTL in suco Waibobo, Sub-District of Ossu, District of Viqueque for not allowing members of the population to participate in the census. The Commissioner said that the order was given to arrest them and they currently detained in the District of Baucau waiting to appear in court.

Government cannot solve all the problems in one or two years, says Horta

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Ramos Horta, said that the Government of Timor-Leste cannot solve all the problems in a short period of time because there have only been two years of governance since independence. The Minister said that the Government is implementing the actions suggested by the people, and cannot solve everything at the same time, and need time for it.

Suara Timor Loro Sa'e (STL)

UNMISET responsible for PNTL brutality

The newspaper reports that the Special Representative of UN Secretary-General, Sukehiro Hasegawa, said that the UNMISET feels like it is also responsible for the brutality by National Police Force members in handling protesters during July 19-20 demonstration. The paper says Mr Hasegawa admitted that the training programme provided so far to the National Police is not enough to change the mentality and attitude of the Timorese police officers to work more professionally. Mr Hasegawa reiterated that anywhere in the world police are asked to perform professionally based on the existing norms, just as it has been demanded of every member of PNTL.

Members of CPD-RDTL appeared in court for kidnappings

The newspaper reports that four members of CPD-RDTL were taken to Dili district court on Thursday for kidnapping, Marcelio Mau, his wife Cristina Amaral Tele, and their four years old son on July 09 in Fatumea, Covalima District. According to the newspaper, the four alleged kidnappers, Arnaldo da Cruz, Domingos Tilman, Jose Don and Daniela were behind the kidnapping as an expression of frustration for not getting official position as a result of their long contributions to Timor-Leste's freedom. The paper reports that the four alleged culprits had violated the law by supposedly restricting the residents of that area from participating in the national census.

UN will give special training to the PNTL, says Hasegawa

The Special Representative of the Secretary General in Timor-Leste (SRSG), Sukehiro Hasegawa, said that the UN will implement a new training program for the National Police Force. Mr Hasegawa said that the request was made by the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, to make some changes to the training method given to the police force of Timor-Leste.

ABC News

States push for East Timorese input on resources talks

The Northern Territory and Victorian governments have called for the inclusion of East Timor as an observer on Australia's Ministerial Council on Minerals and Petroleum Resources. The call comes amid fears that final negotiations over maritime boundaries between Australia and East Timor may be suspended until after the federal election. Mining ministers from every state and territory met with Federal Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane in Alice Springs today to discuss a number of issues, including Australia's relationships with countries in the region. Northern Territory Mines Minister Kon Vatskalis says strengthening ties with East Timor must be a priority. "There was a call by the Victorian counterpart, Theo Theophanous, for the East Timor minister to be called in to be an observer on the Ministerial Councils and for a fair share of the Sunrise proceeds to go to East Timor," he said. "Unfortunately the Commonwealth did not support either of those issues." Mr Macfarlane says calls to include East Timor as an observer on the Ministerial Council are a smokescreen for Labor's wider political problems. "In complete disregard of process, what we saw was Minister Theophanous from Victoria attempt to move a motion which is clearly a smokescreen to distract attention away from his Federal leader, who has created an enormous foreign policy blunder in relation to Timor and the Timor Sea negotiations," he said.

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