Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring August 10, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring August 10, 2004

Timor Post

Police officer in court for beating colleague

The newspaper reports that a police officer with the initials LJC appeared in court for beating up another female officer who was in the early stage of pregnancy on December 18, 2003. According to the paper the incident occurred when the two were arguing and it reached a point when the male police officer started calling his female colleague names and ended up with him slapping and kicking her.

Oan Kiak lied about L7 being wounded, says Horta

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Ramos Horta, said that Oan Kiak gave a deceitful information to a journalist of the Sydney Morning Herald, Jill Jolife, about L7 being wounded by police during the protest. The Minister said that he has confirmation that L7 is in Baguia, Sub-District of Baucau in good physical condition. Dr Horta said that the National Police Force never fired upon or beat L7 during the demonstration. The Minister made an appeal to the people not to exaggerate and create rumors when giving information. Meanwhile the Minister for Foreign Affairs said that he is dismayed by the decision taken by the Ad-hoc tribunal in Indonesia by overturning the convictions of three top soldiers and a policeman found guilty of crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste. The Minister said that the whole world knows about the crimes committed by TNI (Indonesian Army) commanded by Adam Damiri, Tono Suratman and Wiranto. The Minister said that they were directly or indirectly involved in the massacres in Timor-Leste. Instead of them being condemned the courts condemned the former governor, Abilio Osorio Soares, who was powerless.

Courts have taken annual holidays

Today's edition of the newspaper says that the Head of the Dili District Court, Antonio Helder do Carmo, said that from August 9-20 the courts in Timor-Leste will take their annual leave. The only court procedures that will take place are those handed to the Crime Judge, and that shifts have been set up for the court officials. The newspaper reports that many court officials are not turning up and following the roster shift that they agreed upon, and the Dili District Court Administrator will make a report to the Superior Magistrate about the undisciplined behavior of the courts officials. (the newspaper does not say if the court officials are judges, lawyers or prosecutors).

Court throws out Wiranto's election appeal

An Indonesian court dismissed an appeal from presidential hopeful Wiranto against the July 5 election results, ending the ex-general?s bid for the country?s top job. Former military chief Wiranto appealed to the constitutional court last week, arguing that he lost more than 5,4 million votes due to irregularities in the first round of Indonesia?s first direct presidential elections.

Suara Timor Loro Sa?e (STL)

CPD-RDTL members rearrested

A day after their release by Baucau District prosecutor, 21 out of 24 members of CPD-RDTL were rearrested. According to the newspaper the 21 suspects were brought back to the court for a second hearing process on Friday at Dili District Court. According to PNTL Deputy Commander Inspector, Ismael Babo, the second arrest was carried out with the proper documents unlike the first detention where police did not have an arrest warrant. The 21 arrested have been accused of provocative behavior and for ordering community members not to participate in the upcoming chefe de suco (chief of villages) elections. Meanwhile the public defender for the 21 accused members of CPD-RDTL said that although the second capture was done more appropriatly than the first one, the way police handled the case still violated the rights of the accused.

Police need to portary good image, says Lobato

During a graduation ceremony for the new police cadets the Minister for Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that as an institution that works closely with the community the Police need to portray a good image, and cannot behave like it was during the Indonesian times. The Minister said that as police officers you cannot use the pistol to threaten people or use violence.

Four hectares of rice field destroyed by mice

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that four hectares of rice fields in the District of Covalima, Suai, has been destroyed by mice. The community are desperate for a solution from the Ministry of Agriculture to help them get rid of the mice. The newspaper reports that the community has reported that by night thousands of mice are running amuck in their rice field destroying everything.


Data collection on former Timorese refugees not related to assistance

The former commander of the militia Aitarak, Eurico Guterres, told a crowd of 500 people that the purpose of the recent data collection by the local government on Belu District Administration on the former Timorese refugees was not to provide further humanitarian assistance but to provide the exact numbers of Timorese living in Belu, reported the Indonesian news agency. According to Antara, Guterres told the crowd that due to change in their status, they are no longer entitled to the same assistance as when they were refugees. He informed them that with the information gathered, would allow the local Indonesian government to start planning its empowerment program to camp community. A former refugee community leader called Francisco Soares Pereira described that during 1999-2000 the refugees in the camp had provided wrong information in order to double their food supplies and other goods. Pereira cited as an example that a family of 6 would increase the numbers to 12. According to Antara the current number of refugee living in West Timor are 7408 households and 4680 household residing in Belu.

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