Subject: ABC: L7 to discuss grievances with president

East Timor rebel leader to discuss grievances with president

A dissident East Timor rebel leader is to meet with the country's president, Xanana Gusmao, at the weekend to discuss veterans' concerns about the government.

Cornelio Garma, known as L7, has been blamed for organising protest action which has seen outbreaks of violence in the capital, Dili.

Mr Garma has been an outspoken critic of the government and particularly its treatment of the veterans, who fought against the Indonesian occupying forces.

East Timor's veterans affairs secretary, Arsenio Bano, says the veterans' concerns centre around employment, economic activity, health and education.

"It's not only veterans that are expressing such a view towards the government - different people have already said," Mr Bano said.

"But it is important to indicate that the government is working on this - we've been working hard to overcome the situation," he said.

18/08/2004 21:07:41 | ABC Radio Australia News

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