Subject: Indonesian attorney-general appeals E Timor, Tanjung Priok verdicts

Indonesian attorney-general appeals Tanjung Priok, East Timor verdicts

August 26, 2004 6:33am Asia Intelligence Wire

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Jakarta: The Attorney-General has officially submitted cassations to the Supreme Court appealing the verdicts towards the Commanding General of Special Forces Maj-Gen Sriyanto and former Commander of the Jakarta Military Area Command Military Police, Maj-Gen (Retd) Pranowo. The two were acquitted of human rights abuses in Tanjung Priok in 1984. [passage omitted]

The attorney-general has also submitted an appeal to the High Court towards the three-year sentences handed out to Capt Sutrisno Mascung and other officers by the Central Jakarta Ad Hoc Human Rights Tribunal in relation to the Tanjung Priok incident.

The case involving the former Commander of the 0505/North Jakarta Military District Command, Maj-Gen (Retd) Rudolf Adolf Butar-Butar, is still on appeal to the High Court. The Ad Hoc Human Rights Tribunal found Butar-Butar guilty and sentenced him to ten years.

Spokesman for the attorney-general, Kemas Yahya Rahman, conveyed these matters in his office on Wednesday (25 August).

According to Kemas, the attorney-general had also submitted cassations towards military defendants acquitted by the High Court for serious human rights abuses in East Timor. The officers acquitted were former Udayana Commander, Maj-Gen Adam Damiri; former 164 Wira Dharma Provincial Military Commander of East Timor, Brig-Gen Noer Muis; former Dili Police Chief, Sen-Comm Hulman Gultom; and, Dili Military District Commander, Col (Inf) Sujarwo.

The cassation in relation to Maj-Gen (Retd) Adam Damiri was still possible, according to Kemas, despite the prosecutor at the Ad Hoc Human Rights Tribunal requesting Damiri be acquitted. "We can still retract out sentencing request. Now we are continuing to push for a cassation," Kemas said.

Kemas added that the attorney-general had also submitted a cassation towards the former Deputy Commander of the Pro-Integration Militia, Eurico Guterres. The High Court reduced the ten year sentence imposed by the Ad Hoc Human Rights Tribunal on Eurico Guterres to five years.

Source: Kompas Cyber Media web site, Jakarta, in Indonesian 25 Aug 04

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