Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 22 December 2004

UNMISET Daily Press Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review Tuesday, 22 December 2004

UNMISET provides much needed assistance to G-RDTL

UNMISET’s Transport Unit recently returned a second Fire Truck to the President Nicolau Lobato International Airport, upon completion of major repairs. Both Fire Trucks currently stationed at the airport have been repaired by UNMISET and are now fully operational. The Fire Trucks are the only back-up fire-fighting vehicles available for the airport in case of emergency.

The Fire Truck was in extremely dire mechanical condition, with most essential components in disrepair. With a dedicated team working almost around-the-clock, and at a total cost of approximately US $3,600 to UNMISET, repairs on the Fire Truck were completed this week. SRSG Hasegawa and DSRSG Khare have expressed their deep appreciation to Mr. Vienneau, Officer-in Charge and the staff of the Transport Unit for their outstanding efforts and commitment to ensuring the hasty repair of the Fire Trucks.

Fernando Araujo “La Sama”: Corruption Should Be Eradicated in Timor-Leste

President of the Democratic Party (PD) Fernando Araujo “La Sama” told the media on Tuesday that the existing institutions in power have not provided guarantees to the people on how to combat corruption. “If corruption continues to increase, it will affect the lives of ordinary people,” said La Sama. Since corruption was so widely spread in Timor-Leste, La Sama said, it is the concern of all people. He added that corruption should be eradicated in Timor-Leste. (Timor Post)

Mario Viegas Carrascalăo: PSD Will Not Participate in Suco Chief Elections

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mario Viegas Carrascalăo, stated on Tuesday that his party would not participate in Suco elections because there were manipulations attempting to create a mono-party system. However, he said, the sympathizers of PSD were given the freedom to choose those they find suitable for the post.

Assessing the situation of Timor-Leste as a whole during 2004, Carrascalăo said the country has been peaceful and stable. But, on the other hand, Carrascalăo said, things have remained stagnant so far and cited examples of the Office of President, which has not been running efficiently due to the lack of support from the Council of State, which is yet to be created. On the part of judiciary, Carrascalăo noticed that the institution does not really have the capacity to tackle all the cases. Carrascalăo also added that the Prosecutor General has not been firm enough to take decisions under his competence to move things forward. (Timor Post, STL)

Lu-Olo: Political Statement Should Be Based on Reality

Commenting on the political statement presented by the Timorese Socialist Party (PST) on Tuesday, President of National Parliament Francisco Guterres “Lu-Olo” said that it was the right of a parliamentarian or a party bench to do so, but it should be based on the reality of social and economic life of Timor-Leste. In its statement, PST highlighted the question of corruption, collusion and nepotism. Lu-Olo further said that there was a need for the parliamentarians to really evaluate themselves before declaring any political statement; otherwise it would be merely a waste of time. (Timor Post)

PNTL Members Hold “Behind the Door” Political Campaign Three PNTL members from Covalima district are suspected to have held “behind the door” political campaigns for the opposition parties, PD and PSD. It was described further that despite their official function, the National Parliament Commission B was informed that the three PNTL members, Bendito, Juliao and Marcal, were terrorizing and intimidating local residents not to vote for Fretilin in the up-coming election due to communism. The three officers suggested to the population of Fatumea to choose either PD or PSD in the up coming elections. This incident has aroused mixed reactions among Members of the National Parliament. Some MPs condemn the act by the three PNTL officers since they have violated RDTL Constitution paragraph 147, and feel that the three officers should be suspended from their job. The report also quoted statements made by MP Rui Menezes, who suggested that a thorough investigation should be launched before making any decision concerning the three officers. (STL)

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