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Winter 2004-05 Issue Online


A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's Annual Appeal

IFET Writes UN Secretary General on Justice, Truth and Commission of Experts

Indonesian NGOs on joint Timor-Indonesia Truth Commission

ET NGOs to UN SG: Response to the Indonesian and East Timor governments to establish a Truth and Friendship Commission

TAKE ACTION: Fax the Secretary of State on Foreign Military Financing to Indonesia via Amnesty International

TAKE ACTION: East Timor still yearns for justice, Only the U.N. can provide it

U.S. NGOs Write Indonesian President on Murder of Munir

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: October 2004: Special Panels for Serious Crimes; Nigeria Exchange

U.S. Congress Maintains Restrictions on Military Assistance for Indonesia

East Timor NGOs Urge U.S. Congress to End Assistance to Indonesian Military & to Work for Justice & International Tribunal

ETAN Urges New Indonesian President to Pursue Justice for Victims of East Timor’s Occupation
TAPOL open letter to SBY on the occasion of his inauguration as President of Indonesia on 20 October 2004

December 24 - January 1
For years ET was scarred by violence, but the fighting is over
E. Timor in Desperate Need of Rebuilding After Centuries of Occupation

Give to ETAN Aceh Relief

Disaster Opens Window on Aceh Civil War [+Woes a Metaphor for State]
President Gusmão- “Solidarity” Operation
East Timor Donates $50,000 To Relief Efforts In Indonesia
Democracy Now- Aceh- A Victim of Tsunami & Occupation

XG- Xanana's End of Year Message
State must be more transparent with citizens, says president

Whitlam denies supporting military action against E Timor

Skepticism of Indonesian military reform

U.S. NGOs Malign the TNI - 'It's the Human Rights Industry' [+JP]

UNMISET Daily Media Review 
31 December 2004
30 December 2004
28 December 2004
27 December 2004

Justice Issues

Indonesian NGOs on joint Timor-Indonesia Truth Commission
Human rights enforcement remains a far off hope
Activists denounce proposed 'truth commission' on 1999 atrocities

UN probe into East Timor violence rejected by Indonesia
Mixed Reaction to Joint Commission
Powell Nudges Indonesia on Human Rights
Would you lend her money to start a business? THIS 'BANK' DID
TL Nat'l Alliance for Int'l Tribunal letter to SG
RI, E. Timor balk at UN experts commission idea
Indonesia, East Timor Plan Panel on 1999 Rampage
Indonesia, E. Timor Form Commission On Rights Violations

Serious Crimes Unit issues final war crimes indictments

Dili and Jakarta to set up Commission of Truth and Friendship - PM

Indonesia rights body rues lack of support
Former E Timor Police Chief Charged With Rights Abuses

E Timor sentences militia commander to 15 years in jail East Timor charges militia commanders with 1999 church massacre

December 19 - 25
U.S. to give new impetus to ties with Indonesia- Envoy
Born in Warfare, E. Timor Learns New Skills for a Peaceful Future

UNMISET Daily Media Review 
23 December 2004

22 December 2004
21 December 2004
20 December 2004

Timor Sea and Petroleum

Protester, Australia Estafeta: East Timor’s Oil: Blessing or Curse?

Catholic Council urges Come to the table on Timor Sea

East Timor turns to China for energy exploration

East Timor's Undersea Wealth And Australia's Oil Grab
E Timor cabinet passes landmark petroleum law
Dili gov't passes milestone oil legislation
East Timor ups ante in oil and gas fight

Greens- ALP fail to support Timor's right to arbitration to establish
Indonesia felt cheated on borders
ET Wants A Mediator in Oil and Gas Dispute
E Timor Pres Wants Timor Sea Border Settled
E. Timor plays a waiting game over oil and gas

Australia-ET relations at historic low- Horta
E Timor loses faith in gas talks
Indonesian, Australian navies discuss joint patrols in Timor Gap

Oil income could last until 2035, says PM
Woodside Pulls Out of US$5.2 Billion Timor Sea Gas Project
BHP sale of Timor Sea oil fields to Paladin in doubt

E Timor PM In No Hurry For Sunrise Gas Deal

Alkatiri - All East Timor seeks is a fair go
Timor-Leste Civil Society Demands a Fair Maritime Boundary
Letters to Editor on Timor Sea

see also: ETAN Timor Sea page

December 11 - 17
UNMISET Daily Media Review - FDTL Attacks Becora Police Station 
Indonesians to ride with Aussie navy

Culture of Timor-Leste through music and film
Timor-Leste opens embassy in Beijing
Susilo Meets Xanana, Conclude Border Issue
East Timor President Xanana Meets with President George W. Bush
Dili wants to act against corruption before problem balloons

Evicted farmers had to start from scratch

Other Links (open in new window)
Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman   
Donate $100 or more to ETAN and receive a signed copy of Amy Goodman's new book  Exception to the Rulers as a thank you gift!

UNHCR: Solutions found for East Timor's separated children

SCU: 4 New Indictments
JSMP: Judge Issues Decision Without a Recommendation of Ssentence from the Prosecutor
SCU: Besi Merah Putih Militia Commander Convicted To 15 Years
SCU: Sako Loro Monu Militia Platoon Commander and 4 Mahidi Militia Indicted
JSMP: Draft Penal Code Requires Public Consultation
JSMP: The Special Panel for Serious Crimes convicts eight Aitarak militia members

UNDP: Ireland donates to Institutional Capacity Development Support Project

Xanana's Speech at the Asian Society Conference in Washington (PDF)

UNHCR Global Appeal 2005 ­ East Asia and the Pacific Regional Overview

Address by Ramos-Horta to Lowy Institute for International Policy

Timor Leste at Tiger Cup Soccer/Football Tournament

MFAC: DR. Jose Ramos-Horta Arrival in Australia ahead to the 3rd Ministerial meeting on the South West Pacific Dialogue

ABC: Rebuilding East Timor - East Timorese carpenters - honing their skills in Broome; Sue Clarke-East Timor volunteer

UN: Security Council extends Timor-Leste Mission for final six months

UN: Security Council speakers support extension of Timor-Leste Mission for final six months, until 20 May 2005
Statements by UN SRSG Hasegawa; Australia; Indonesia, Japan; New Zealand; Portugal; Singapore; Timor Leste; United States
UN: Security Council Provisional Verbatim on Timor-Leste Progress report

WB: World Bank Finances Road Rehabilitation to Oecussi
WB: World Bank Sanctions Companies in Timor-Leste School Project

Church World Service East Timor: Reports on World AIDS campaign

New UNMISET website

Website of Banking and Payments Authority of Timor-Leste

New official Tourism Site in English and Portuguese
New Timor-Leste government website

December 7 - 11
FM Ramos Horta asks UN for 'one more year' of engagement
PM says economy to be evaluated at March donor conference
Indonesia, ET agree on 907 border coordinates

Australia Spy Whistleblower in E. Timor Vindicated
Intelligence link cut over 'row on Indonesia'

Guardian Victory in Indonesia Arms Bribe Case [3 reports]
US Military Embargo of Indonesia Divides MPs, Defense Minister
Minister clarifies E. Timor deportations
Indon House of Reps probes Timor assets & deportations

Asian Development Bank grants USD 9 mn aid over next two years

Xanana Says Iraq `Not Ready' to Follow Election Example
Timor Leader Says Fledgling Democracy Still Fragile
Armitage Underscores U.S. Support for East Timor

Jesuit Refugee Service ends operation in West Timor
Catholic Leader: Signs of past, hope for the future


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November 29 - December 4
Timor deports last illegal Muslims to Indonesia

Mosquito nets for Timor students
James Dunn on Timor's Birth-pangs

Lawmaker urge TNI to use domestic industry to reduce dependency on U.S. arms 
Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) Condemns Expulsions

XG- 28 November Message to the Nation
Gusmão to meet incoming US state secretary during Washington trip
Suu Kyi's Spirit Can Never be Killed - East Timor's Xanana

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