Subject: Indonesian legislator says Jakarta needs ambassador in E Timor

BBC Worldwide Monitoring February 12, 2004

Source: Republika, Jakarta, in Indonesian 11 Feb 04

Indonesian legislator says Jakarta needs ambassador in East Timor

Text of report attributed to Antara, carried by Indonesian newspaper Republika web site on 11 February

Semarang: Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle PDI-P Faction in the DPR House of Representatives , Tjahyo Kumolo, stated that the Indonesian government needed to place an ambassador in East Timor as quickly as possible, because since separating from Indonesia the small country had become a strategic centre for foreign interests "playing" in the Asia Pacific region and Indonesia.

"America, Australia, China and several other major countries, have currently started to place their ambassadors in the country which used to be part of Indonesia," he said when contacted from Semarang on Wednesday (11 February).

He said that the aim of appointing an ambassador was not to monitor or conduct bilateral relations between the two nations. He said that when East Timor was separated from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, it had given rise to opportunities in East Timor for other major countries.

If a representative or an ambassador was placed in East Timor, that the person must know about and truly understand intelligence, he said.

"Because the concept of intelligence and high level international diplomacy was greatly needed to conduct cooperation in the area of bilateral relations," he said.

Indonesia's position with the development of East Timor had vital importance, he said. "I am convinced that the DPR will definitely support this action in the interests of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, " said Tjahyo Kumolo.

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