Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Feb 20, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Feb 20, 2004


Annan Wants to extend UN presence in East Timor but slash number of peacekeepers and shift focus

Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Wednesday for the withdrawal of almost all UN peacekeepers in East Timor while bolstering efforts to help the newly independent country consolidate its political institutions. In a report to the Security Council, Annan proposed a one year extension of the UN mission to Asia's poorest country, which gained independence in 2002 following four centuries of Portuguese rule and 24 years of Indonesian occupation. Annan said that while East Timor has made considerable progress in building the structures of a nation, such as a judicial system and police force, it still needs help as the UN mandate prepares to run out on May 20. "I am convinced that a comparatively modest additional effort can make a crucial difference," Annan wrote in the report.

Timor-Leste offers to supply workers

Timor-Leste is the latest country offering to supply workers to meet Malaysia's manpower needs. Its state management minister Ana Pessoa Pinto called on Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn yesterday to convey the offer. Dr Fong who met minister Pinto at the Socso headquarters, said Timor-Leste had offered to supply workers for the agriculture industry. "The minister discussed the offer with the Ministry officials to discuss the possibility of formulating and MoU for their workers to come here," said Dr Fong. He added that the Government would look into the offer as well as study the feasibility of acquiring the workers for the agriculture sector.

Youth need to use their head, says Nascimento

The Bishop of Diocese of Baucau and Dili, D. Basilio do Nascimento, said after a meeting with the President that the young generation needs to use their heads to be able to solve problems in the country. The Bishop said that when looking at the incident in Lospalos between F-FDTL and the National Police, it is a reflection of young people who do not think clearly nor control themselves. Bishop Nascimento said that these two institutions (Police and F-FDTL) have to understand that people are closely watching them and depending on them.

Refugees with financial problems

A member of the National Parliament, Antonio Ximenes, has said that the Timorese refugees in West Timor, Atambua, are facing enormous difficulties both economically and financially. He said that some of the Timorese refugees are now begging on the street. Mr Ximenes said that the pro-autonomy leaders in the refugee camps have reaffirmed that they are willing to return, but the information about the internal situation in Timor-Leste UNMISET has been so negative that they are concerned about returning.

Vulnerable group receives financial support

A vulnerable group in the District of Manatuto has received financial support of USD$6,100 from CEP for a project called Timor Oan Hit-Rasik-CEP. The coordinator of the CEP in the District of Manatuto, Antonio Alves, said that the objective in financing this group of 15 people is to help them "set up for life economically". He said that he has requested that the group use the money wisely to guarantee their future.

Development in the District of Ainaro

A Member of the National Parliament, Alexandre de Araujo Corte Real, said that from 1999 until 2004, Ainaro has developed in various aspects, but is still far from a fully developed. He said, for example, the main road is in such bad condition that people are complaining and it needs urgent rehabilitation.

Timor Post

Pre-paid electricity meters to help educate people

A Member of the National Parliament, Francisco Miranda Branco, said that the pre-paid electricity meters installed in consumers houses, are a good measure taken by the Government to help educate people to have better control over their electricity bills. He said that pre-paid meters will help reduce the power consumption and people will start using less energy. Mr Branco said that the pre-paid meters are working to stop people wanting free electricity without contributing to it. He said that people have to change their views and their behaviour. He said they need to learn to turn off their lights and not leave them on all day long.

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