Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Feb 24, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Feb 24, 2004


Clean water and electricity for rural areas

The Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus, said that a study is underway to find a better mechanism to supply electricity and clean water for people in the remote areas of Timor-Leste. He said that the study is important to find a solution to help solve the supply issues for electricity and clean water, especially for those in need in rural areas.

Broken ferry left people of Oe-Cussi stranded in Dili

During a plenary session in the National Parliament a Parliamentarian, Antonio Lelan, said that people in Oe-Cussi had complained to him about their difficulties in finding other means of transport when the only ferry operating to and from Oe-Cussi has mechanical problems. Mr Lelan said some members of population are in Dili with no means of returning back to Oe-Cussi and they are starving without food.

Meeting to gather parents support

The Director of Secondary School in Balide, Manuel Ferreira, said that a meeting was called with a objective to gather parents support in improving their children's education. Mr Ferreira said that parents contribution is very important, especially with regards to behavioural issues. He said many students were badly behaved and needed parental intervention.

East Timor police plan proposed

Australia wants to send more police to East Timor as an alternative to a United Nations plan for a scaled-down peacekeeping force after May. Australia will make its case in a UN Security Council debate beginning today. Although UN secretary-General Kofi Annan yesterday called for about 300 troops to replace the existing, 3000-strong force, the Howard Government wants the troops replaced by police and is prepared to offer about 100 federal and state police officers. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has signalled that Australia also wants to bring its police-led foreign policy to East Timor, stating that it is law and order problem in the fledgling nation that need to be tackled.

Timor-Leste has made remarkable progress, but still needs help

A Senior Peacekeeping UN Official said that while Timor-Leste has progressed impressively since gaining independence, the fragility of its national security means that the United Nations should maintain a presence there for a year beyond the end of its mission's mandate in May. (The UN official's not named in the report)

Timor Post

Judiciary system on debate

The Head of the Organization for the National Dialogue Commission, Miguel Mantelo, said that the last topic on the program for national justice was set by the President Xanana Gusmão. He said, for example, many court cases have not come to conclusion, there are many institutional problems, and there is a lack of coordination and quality in the judicial system. (The article does not explain any other "topics" on the program) Mr Mantelo said that its time to stop pointing fingers and start looking for solutions to the justice system issue, based on the RDTL Constitution.

Reforestation in the District of Baucau

The Coordinator for the Department of Forestry in the District of Baucau, Pascoal Belo, said that the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery has established and is supporting a program on tree planting in Quelicai, Laga, Baucau and Venilale. Mr Belo said the program had been well received by the population and that there had been much active to ensure the forests were revived.

Government needs to ban fish imported from Atambua

A Member of the National Parliament, Jose Andrade da Cruz, said that the Government should ban the importation of fish from Atambua to support and protect local fishermen. He said that there is enough fish in this country to meet the local consumer demand. Mr da Cruz said that the Government needed to take urgent measures to protect the local fishermen in Balibo, Atabae, Maubara and Liquica who cannot afford to compete with lower priced imported fish. He said they were being forced out of business.

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