Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring feb 26, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Feb 26, 2004


30.000 pre-paid meters installed

The Secretary of State for Minerals and Energy, Egidio de Jesus, said that his department has installed 30.000 pre-paid meters since it started in February 2003. He said that was a significant jump from 20,000 last year to 30,000 in 2004. Mr de Jesus said that some consumers are criticizing and refusing to accept the pre-paid meter. He said that EDTL started an information campaign in 2001throughout the 13 districts involving Chefe do Sucos and District Administrators and will continue throughout this year.

Mr de Jseus said that some consumers are happy with their pre-paid meter saying that now they can have better control of their electrical usage and are thus paying less.

600 people a day seeking treatment says Caleres

The National Hospital Director, Antonio Caleres Junior, said that the National Hospital just in the month of February has assisted roughly 600 people a day, seeking medical treatment for children with high fever and flu. Mr Caleres Junior said that compared to the month of December 2003 the numbers have doubled, and the nurses in the paediatric wing are working around the clock just to keep up with the demand. He said that the Hospital cannot cope due to the shortage of beds.

Commission welcomes UN recommendation on East Timor

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane has welcomed the recommendation by the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, that the Security Council approve an extension of the mandate for the UN's peacekeeping mission in East Timor. Commission Executive Officer, Peter Arndt, said the secretary-General has recognized the great progress achieved by the people of East Timor since independence, but has understood the realistic concerns by East Timor's leaders about a premature withdrawal by the UN. "Our Commission's contact with East Timor over the past six months indicates that the country's leaders were concerned about the UN's withdrawal in May because they did not think that their police and military were ready to provide adequate security for the country," Mr Arndt said. "I hope that the Australian Government will be lobbying members of the Security Council to ensure that Mr Annan's recommendation is accepted," he said.

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