Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring July 13, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring July 13, 2004

Timor Post

Budget promulgated by President

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that the President, Xanana Gusmão, has promulgated the budget approved by the National Parliament for the Financial Year 04-05. The newspaper says that the President, Xanana Gusmão, recognized the contribution given by members of Fretilin (at the National Parliament) in seeking ways to find a quick solution for the approval of the budget.

Detained for acting against the law

The Vice-Minister of Interior, Alcino de Araujo Barros, said that the detention of the President of the National Mobilization Party - Partido de Mobilização Nacional (PMN), Alberto Antonio de Oliveira Pires, by the National Police was in accordance with the law. The Vice-Minister said that the President of the newly founded Party acted against the law and was trying to cause public disorder. (The paper does not say what kind of public disorder led to his arrest).

Population of Odelgomo refuses to participate in election

Todays edition of the newspaper reports that the population of Odelgamo, Aiasa, Bobonaro Sub-District have refused to participate in the electoral registration arguing that Odelgomo must be established as a separate 'suco'. According to the newspaper a Member of the National Parliament, Jose Andrade da Cruz, raised the issue during Monday's plenary session, saying that he had also received information that the populations of Maliana, Bobonaro sub-district are reluctant to participate in the electoral registration process due to CPD-RDTL influences.

KOTA statement

The Secretary General of the Political Party Klibur Timor Oan Asu?uwain (KOTA), Manuel Tilman, made a political statement at a plenary session (yesterday) about the motives that led the party to walk out during the vote in the Parliament to approve the budget for FY04-FY05. Mr Tilman said that by right and according to the Constitution, the National Parliament and the Tribunal for the Superior Administrative of Finance ? Tribunal Superior Administrativo de Contas, he has the right to oversee and execute the budget. That is why members of the National Parliament from six different parties walked out without taking part in the discussion for the approval of the budget.

Opposition withdraws the list

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that the Opposition Parties at the National Parliament (PSD, PD, KOTA, UDT, PST and PNT) have withdrawal the list of 4 candidates for the Commission to oversee the Veterans and Ex-combatants papers. According to the newspaper the opposition decided to withdraw the list because members of the National Parliament could not come to an agreement. The newspaper says that the opposition parties were divided into two different groups, and both groups had their list of candidates. The paper says that due to the deadlock the Vice-President of the National Parliament chairing the meeting, Jacob Fernandes, could not make a decision and had to adjourn the meeting with a promise to find a solution by the end of the day (yesterday). (The parties previously agreed to sit 11 members of the National Parliament at the Commission with 7 from the majority party (Fretilin) and the remaining 4 four the opposition parties).

Suara Timor Loro Sa?e (STL)

Cova-Lima Hospital in good shape

The Head of Health Department in the District of Cova-Lima, Jose Amaral, said that the Hospital achieved good results during FY03-FY04. He said that the hospital has the capability to assist pregnant women and also has an operating theatre. Mr Amaral said that the NGO?s such as OXFAM, CWSSP and some local NGO?s have given assistance to the Hospital needs and activities around the District.

PM will discuss with SRSG about heroes monument

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that he needs to first clarify the budget allocated to build a garden dedicated to the Timorese 'heroes', with SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa, when he returns to Timor-Leste. The Prime Minister said if there is no money allocated for the 'garden' then the Government needs to find other ways to get the fund. Meanwhile the Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak said that a site to build the 'Heroes Monument' should be at Metinaro, and hopes that the Prime Minister will find financial support to secure the place to coincide with Falintil Day on August 20th. The Secretary of State for Labour and Solidarity, Arsenio Bano, said that the Japanese Government has provided an amount of USD165.000 through UNDP for the erection of a monument for those who lost their lives during the resistance war, and the Government will soon recruit people to commence with the works and finish before Falintil Day.

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